For years, it has become the norm for web developer agencies to provide teams to develop business websites. About 2-years ago, some of our customers began requesting us for a ‘single developer’ option in their accounts. In response to those requests, we at KodeMatix. began providing individual web developers to companies, instead of entire teams.

Benefits of Our Services

Let’s take you through some of the advantages of hiring dedicated developer.

  • You choose the developer that you wish to hire – we do not assign him/her
  • You can determine if you want daily or weekly progress and activity reports
  • The intellectual property displayed on your site is copyrighted and owned by you – not us
  • You are completely in control of what you want the focus to be
  • You are involved from the beginning rather than brought in after major decisions are implemented
  • Communication with your developer is directly with the person that you selected – not with any other member of our team
  • The coding standards for your industry can be more closely enforced by your in-house team
  • You can hire either part or full time
  • Minimize HR costs- we vet and test all developers offered to you
  • Eliminate managing employee issues – that we will handle for you

After Service Support

Once you have chosen the developer of your choice, the service provided is established according to your preferences.

  • You will be communicating directly with that person through the contact mode of  your choice: email, skype or cell or landline phone calls
  • You will control the work flow and focus of the project
  • You will approve the creative and innovative suggestions made by the developer
  • If you choose to replace the developer you initially hired, you can choose from any of our other qualified people

For additional information on our services and the availability of a developer experienced in the work you require you can sent email at

Alternatively, you can also fill in the form for a no obligation free quote on your requirements.

Most people think that WordPress is just another blog site. That’s not quite accurate! One of the best kept secrets of web developers is that WordPress’ underlying program is really a content management tool.

Magento is essentially an open-source web solution for your eCommerce site. Magento can integrate more than one store front with your main website and with WordPress for content management.

For several years, it has been considered that web designers are the entity who were used to contribute greatly in developing ones business website in much interactive manner.