From conceptualization to pixel-perfect WordPress development, Kodematix is well-known for robust, scalable and cost-effective solutions. If you’re looking to hire WordPress developer for a customized website development, theme customization or WordPress module development, then Kodematix is a one-stop solution for all your business requirements.

At Kodematix, we’ve delivered over 10,000+ WordPress development solutions to clients around the world in the past few years. To see how we can help you grow your business in the digital market place, you can hire WordPress developers from Kodematix on part time, full time or hourly basis to build the most scalable, robust and professional WordPress solutions with the best industry standards.


Instead of hiring a dedicated developer to handle all the different aspects of your web presence, you can opt to hire a WordPress developer from Kodematix to integrate your various sites. Following are the benefits of hiring a WordPress developer from Kodematix.

  • You can get access to extensively expert WordPress developers with 7+ years of experience.
  • The content management system will be developed and tailored to fit your particular industry and business needs .
  • We can flawlessly convert your designs into fully functional WordPress themes with perfect precision.
  • You can determine how much and what type of dynamic content you want to display on your site and social media
  • You determine the type of content that will maximize your business building model – do you want verified leads or to gain authority in your field or both?


By having a dedicated specialist in WordPress development, you are spreading your marketing dollars over a broader space.

  • You can discuss or explain what you want your content to target and your developer can suggest various methods of accomplishing your goals
  • You determine if you want your developer to update your content or if you want to do it yourself
  • You can choose to hire the developer to design and tailor content and then, modify or alter the website monthly or quarterly as you discover what is working best for the website

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