13 Reasons! Why Magento Is The Best Ecommerce Platform for the beginners?

No Doubt! Magento is the most popular ecommerce platform regardless of the kind of business particularly with those looking to make serious headway.Magento offers many customization options to give your website flexibility to maximize the sales.

So let’s discuss the ingredients of this feature-filled platform and find out :

Why it is so popular among start-ups?

Responsive Layouts
The websites built in Magento are highly compatible to various devices having different screen sizes. These sites can be accessed on various mobile devices drawing more customers to the online portals.

Universal Access
Magento’s Community Edition is an open source software which is completely free to download and provides a lot of features to developers around the world to build their online commercial stores. Magento Store Development has gained a significant rise in the Community today.

Flexible and Scalable
Web developers boast the scalable and flexible platform of Magento that allows to use the new methodologies and advanced technologies. Magento is a highly flexible framework which integrates fluent customization of products, categories, shopping carts and more.

Magento driven websites are cross-browser compatible and can be accessed on various browsers which enhances their rankings on Search Engines and prevents any type of limitations on it’s use.

Spacious and Organized
As you’re a startup you should definitely know that, a good website needs to be well organized and managed. Magento offers a layout which neatly takes care of the below mentioned aspects:

  • Design
  • Speed
  • Product Selection
  • Shopping Cart and transactions
  • Checkout and Payments

Multiple Channels with Single Back-end
Magento allows developers to built multiple stores including thousands of categories and products and a robust navigation between them. This feature allows to add several stores to a website and provides the customers a unique shopping experience.

Unique Checkout Option

  • Saves information for customers for safe and fast checkout.
  • Gives customers instant access to track orders and wish lists.
  • Provides single checkout option reducing the number of abandoned shopping carts.

Feedback and Reviews
This service allows a seamless communication between Business Owners, Vendors and the Customers.

Seamless Payment Options
It facilitates the customers with multiple payment methods which facilitates the shopping experience. It offers various Payment Gateways including PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payments, Simple Pay, Authorize.net and many more.

Safe Authorization
The websites build in Magento are highly secure and safe. It avoids data transfers from external sources and gives you a secured Authorization.

SEO Configuration Tools
Magento comprises of in-built SEO tools and features which help in optimizing website rankings on the search engines. Unlike any other ecommerce platforms, Magento offers SEO tools to boost Sales and traffic to your site. This includes sitemaps for Google and other Search Engines, meta tags for categories and products and control over url structures.

Marketing Tools and Promotions
It provides inbuilt Marketing tools for your website and storefront. You can drive traffic to your store by the promotions like Free Shipping,Sale Invitations, Special Discounts and other pricing options. You can also run various campaigns like News letters or use product comparisons and reviews, Recently viewed products, Refer to friend, Social Media Sharing, and cross-sell products.

Business Specific
Magento gives you a uniquely tailored shopping suite for your online store. Go get your customized Shopping cart with numerous themes and backgrounds in a single platform.

By this, if you’re planning to have a genuine business-grade ecommerce platform, Magento is reigning as a champion. I invite you to comment for any other specific feature that is useful in ecommerce improvement.

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