4 Recommended Tools To Ensure Your Magento Store Is Mobile-Friendly

“Responsive Themes” has become the most important factor for website developers these days. As you may know, New Google Search Algorithm includes Mobile-Friendliness as a ranking factor. According to which, your website will get good rank only if it’s Mobile-Optimized otherwise, you’re going to loose a huge amount of website traffic. But thankfully, there are tools available online that can help you develop Mobile-Friendly Magento Web Store but, choosing the right tool is a key to success here.

Tools to Turn Your Magento Web Store Mobile-Friendly


If you wish to develop Mobile friendly Magento web store from the ground up, CouchCommerce is the perfect tool for you. It is a popular Magento extension which will flawlessly convert your desktop version of Magento web store into mobile optimized one. It also gives you ability to develop best touch-optimized web store with various benefits including 3rd party integration, offline functionalities and many more. Although it’s a paid tool, but their pricing are very reasonable.

Multi-Flat Rate Shipping

Most of the Magento stores come with integrated options like adding discounts, Seasonal sales offers and shipping methods which help to provide a great user experience.

Multi Flat Shopping Extension

However, you can expand your shipping methods more using Magento’s multi-flat rate shipping extension. It gives power to customize purchase by creating multiple flat rate option, per item shipping charges etc. to your customers.


Mobify is a Mobile Shopping Platform, which can be easily integrated to any web store without affecting the marketing software. After integration, It can extend the capabilities of web store for mobile optimized solutions that can adapt and adjust to fit all smartphones and tablets with the use of user management tools. It even implants more capabilities such as touch security, NFC, payments and a lot more. Mobify is the perfect tool for you to attain the power of touch points.


Shopgate is one of the most recommended toolkit for mobile eCommerce stores. It gives the ability to create data-driven mobile version of your web store.

shopgate magento extension

It includes remarkably great features like:

  • Daily Deals
  • Order Tracking
  • QR code Scanners
  • Push Notifications
  • Mobile Coupons and Much More.
  • Although, this is paid one and its pricing starts from $19 per month to $499 per month.
  • Magento Live Chat

Customer Satisfaction can be increased by adding “Live Chat” support to your web store. It can help you solve your customers’ queries in real time. In fact, According to a study by Forrester Research: “44% of all online customers wants to have their questions answered by a person when middle of a purchase”. So, by adding Magento Live Chat Plugin to your web store will enable your consumers to chat with your sales team person in a secure manner.

Wrapping up

As mobile usage is skyrocketing these days, Soon enough mobile will rule the web world. So, you should be prepared to cope up with growing mobile customers’ needs and these are the best tools for loading your web store with the required functionalities in any device.

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