5 Design-Savvy Tips To Pick An Ideal Theme For Your Magento Store


It’s important that you choose a best Magento theme for your online store because your theme will be the virtual face of your company. And, it should be enveloping the personality of your services as well as your products, the style of your business and overall objectives that you wish to convey to your visitors and the perfect Magento theme can convey it all!

Any business that is developing an online brand, should give the same attention and care to the theme of their website as they would give to design a brick-and-mortar business. A potential consumer will browse a little, seek little information and then they’ll consider making a purchase. Therefore, your eCommerce store needs to be appropriately prepared for all the steps, while keeping in mind to make the user experience convenient, effective and pleasurable as much as possible. So all in all, the precautions must be taken!

Below you will find 5 simple tips which will help you when choosing the perfect themes for your online store.

Have A Responsive Interface

A site compatible with all mobile devices will increase your reach substantially, which also increase the conversion rate. A study showed that 30% of mobile consumers abandon the transaction when they do not face a mobile-friendly experience.

And, in today’s world, this number is more likely to rise. So, in this realm, it’s critical to have the capacity to reach your audience. People today have no patience and time to sit down to their laptop or computer for hours, if the same exact task can be completed on their mobiles. So the bottom line here is, you must add this obliging feature to your web store which absolutely will be invaluable to your business.

Choose A Theme That Can Be Optimized Well

Remember, an eye-catching design and compelling content will not go so far, if there is not enough amount of traffic driven towards your website. Your website design must include proper navigation to cope up with the SEO strategies as well as in the better customer navigation.

But the good news is, Magento Theme Development includes all the robust SEO tools, but choosing or creating an ideal theme for improving those features can help you to get noticed by the search engines.

Go with a Social Media Savvy Theme

It has become really important to make your online store easily shareable on social media platforms as it’s the most popular feature in today’s social media driven society. People value opinions of their fellow mates. Therefore, making sure that your eCommerce site provides social proof of your brand can go a long way. People today are always connected on social platforms like twitter, instagram, facebook and others, always soaking in information as much as possible. So, making sure to have content that is easily accessible to these platforms makes sense!

Social Media Savvy Theme

For consumers, having opportunity to share something with their friends is invaluable. Therefore, utilizing these social networks to increase your store’s reach can be really beneficial.

Focus On Browser Capability

An ideal theme should be compatible with all the browsers. Few things can be frustrating though. Like not being able to produce a webpage or producing one that lacks good user experience. Although it isn’t a top priority to you, but the visitors will appreciate the extra efforts that you put in making your content reachable with ease.

Last But Not Least, Conversion!

It’s one of the important factors that you make your site easy and clear for the visitors to reach the point of conversion. And, making a precise call-to-action on each page will promote this particular opportunity for the users. Because ultimately, services and goods are what any eCommerce website is developed to offer. Having an easy navigation, great design and strategic SEO will mean nothing if your eCommerce site does not meet its critical goal. Therefore, use the above tricks to get your visitors to the point of conversion.

Theme for Conversion

Final Thoughts…

With unlimited Magento themes available in the market, finding an ideal theme seems daunting at first. But, combining our tips to find an ideal theme will set your business on its way to go to the next level. Nobody understands your customers and your business better than you. So, choosing the perfect theme for your eCommerce store by keeping the above tips in mind will result in success.




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