5 Never Miss Magento Extensions For Your Ecommerce Store

magento extension for eCommerce store

Magento is surely an extraordinary ecommerce CMS that is serving to large number of ecommerce websites. And these astounding numbers are expected to increase humorously in near future. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to be unique and enhance the productivity by any approach. Magento extensions can be your helper to be on the top. Utilizing Magento extensions development has turned into a need now other than the luxury requirement among genuine entrepreneurs nowadays. Indeed now there are plethora of choices available, so it’s pretty more and more difficult to make the right selections.

Don’t despair, we’re glad to help you find the best Magento extensions for your Magento ecommerce site. In this blog, you’ll read our narrowed-down list of the most popular and generally utilized best Magento extensions.

  • Single Sign On for Magento and WordPress

The feature that most of the online users are searching for, in an ecommerce website is just ‘one sign up for Magento and WordPress sites’. With the help of Single Sign On Magento extension which is integrated with a Magento ecommerce site along with a blend of content management system of WordPress, all you need is to access an account.

The benefits of the extension are pretty obvious – a great deal of user’s saved enough time from signing a few times just to get to content and ecommerce features from web stores can mean more customer satisfaction and business for you.

  • CreareSEO

Crearethe developer of this extension has enough experience and unmatched expertise in both Magento and SEO. He tries to use his experience and unmatched expertise to help Magento store owners leverage ideal SEO execution. Coordinating this Magento SEO extension to your online store, you will easily able to prevent the issue of copy content and 404 page error.

creare magento extension

The extension accompanies numerous great features like HTML sitemap, 301 redirect for discontinued items, analytics help, social media schema and Google tag supervisor support for few examples.

  • ebizmarts – MageMonkey

Ebizmarts – MageMonkey is an official Mailchimp and Mandrill extension utilized for your Magento store. Few of the essential advantages of this brilliant extension is sending autoresponder emails like client’s birthday, no customer activity, related products, sending transaction emails, having subscription choice at checkout and much more.

  • Optimizely

Optimizely takes into consideration to run A/B tests for anyone and track precisely the areas/metrics they’re basically focused on. With its drag and drop customize visual editor it requires much more than the basic setup to start utilizing it. Not just does Optimizely permit you to test pages however it will send a duplicate of the temporary page until a permanent one can be set up.

In case you’re as of now acquainted with Optimizely, you’ll completely adore this extension since it empowers revenue tracking and has the feature to run advanced targeting tests which would’ve5 Never Miss Magento Extensions For Your Ecommerce Store required custom coding to accomplish before.

  • Yotpo

Content for SEO, better purchase confidence, email based review requests, and other such marketing popular expressions. We are sure that you probably know the capabilities and necessities to have a review system in place. Well thankfully, Yotpo has everything that you are searching for in a survey framework and moreover it has features that you didn’t even realize you required. The developer knows that the reviews matter a lot for the business success, and so they make sure that the tool performs best. Best perk: You can easily filter out reviews. Well this doesn’t mean to hide the reality from your clients, they acknowledge perusing the 3s and 4s for certifiable circumstances, yet we’ve all had arbitrary pointless surveys posted on our websites.

Yotpo magento extension

All these extensions are highly recommended for your site to avail productivity and success. Make sure you use it completely to avail the best out of them for your business.

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