5 Speed Booster Ways To Avoid The Page Load Time Of Magento Website

How easy it is for you to close a website just because it’s not loading up, right? At the same time how difficult it is for the website owner to lose one potential client just because of the poor performance.

Speed is an essential criteria for good conversion rate. In this dog eat dog world, if you can’t make your website load in just few seconds, you are passing your opportunities to your rivals. Let’s know how to enhance the speed of your website and welcome the sales:

1.No Implementation Of Full Page Caching
Slow speed ….many factors are responsible for that. One of the silly reason for slow speed is not having full page caching activated on the website. This is because that the website owners are not working on Magento enterprise or do not belong to Magento community. Just by activating the caching, you can easily boost the performance of your Magento site and ultimately increase the speed.

2.Oops! Limited Memory
Size can be one of the issue…just like our mobile’s hang because of limited memory, the websites work slow due to less memory. The solution is – you need to set in configuration files, store owners can increase the amount of memory which can be released for variety of PHP long processes. Magento is built up with lots of memory, so you can easily enhance the value of the allocated memory to 128mb for improving the execution of eCommerce website.

3.Non- Updation Of Indexes
Another major role in enhancing the speed of a Magento site is updation of indexes. Check whether the indexes are updated or not! You are wise enough, if they are not, with the help of admin panel you can manually update it.

4.Oh No! Forgot To Utilize Memcache Feature
As discussed above, you are aware about the importance of memory in speed functioning. Memcache a sort of memory object caching tool which saves the user sessions and other things is not utilized by your site. Doing so will help your website to perform at much faster rate than your server. It’s found that most of the ecommerce consulting services utilize this method for improving the execution of Magento website.

5.Freak! The Compilation Is Off
Even simple settings can affect the speed of website, for instance, the turned off of compilation can slow down the speed. Because of the presence of simple setting in your admin panel, the Magento store owners can seamlessly compile their files to available HTML blocks.

Make sure you make the customers feel frustrated and bored because of slow performance of Magento store. Improve productivity by focusing enough on all these aspects.

Note that a slow website is one of the ultimate reason for killing the conversion rates of your business, so pay attention on speed and see a huge growth. In any case if you are not able to see any improvements in the speed of your website, you can always get into touch with our talented Magento experts. Kodematix is the game changer for various Magento store owners.

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