5 Tips To Enhance Your Magento Store And Boost Online Sales

No doubt, Magento ecommerce development is in great demand and the reason of it’s wide popularity is a huge range of exceptional features supported by Magento. Some of these features include easy product navigation and management, catalog management, secure payment options, order management, robust SEO features and many more to mention…

You can always hire a magento store development company but what is really important is to have a good one. Yes, your ecommerce store should have all the latest features or capability to attract your potential prospects and get them converted into your loyal customers.

If your Magento ecommerce store is able to do this, then surely you’re on the right track to develop a Magento store to improve your online business.

How do you know your store’s performance? Have you ever seen your analytics report and noticed that your store isn’t making enough money?

What then? You start looking for different ideas to increase your revenue, unfortunately found nothing useful…

It is pretty tough to find out tactics that actually work out for increasing your business revenue. That’s why in this post I want to give you 5 simple tips by which you can start boosting your ecommerce store revenue today. These tips are very simple and you can easily put them into action to enhance your online store.

Easy Navigation

Customers are always the focal point for any ecommerce store. So, you should provide user-friendly options so that your customers can easily browse through a wide range of products, order and pay for the products and buy them through your store.


Easy navigation options with a clear idea to do shopping will make sure a better and enhanced shopping experience for a customer and hence foster sales on your online store.

Mobile friendly Magento Store

Today, mobile platform has a great influence on the online shopping industry. It has been found that majority of the online sales is made by the mobile shoppers. And, the number of mobile phone shoppers is pretty high than other users who use devices like desktops, laptops, tablets etc. for online shopping.Hence, it is clear that your store should be rightly optimized for mobile platform to improve your business through increased sales and lead generation.If your store is mobile-optimized, there are more chances for your store to be viewed more and get more customers when it supports responsive design which fits well into various screen sizes and resolution.


You can always ask your Magento development team to add extensions to turn your site into a mobile-friendly shopping destination for your prospects.

Add Better Product Images

If there is one big advantage of offline shopping it is the feel,touch, view and even try out the product.And, if you want to offer the closest thing to that experience for your store’s online products, you need to provide better product pictures like

  • Zoom In
  • Different Angles
  • Product Test or in Action
  • A Video
  • A 360 degree view of the product

Remember, you should make the images look professional. Things like filters, lighting and a custom touch makes a huge difference to make a product look good.

Provide Discounts and Offers

Offers and discounts are the biggest attraction grabbers which can attract more traffic on your online store and help your clear the stocks easier and quicker. You can ask your Magento developers to develop a flexible ecommerce store where you can often highlight discounts and offers your store has to offer.


By integrating a Magento extension, you can easily place discounts for some or all customers who are buying a particular product more than once from your store and you can also apply the discounts only for some particular products.

Enable Live Chat

Late communication or communication gap can be a major factor leading to the drop down of your business sales. Being available and staying in touch all the time is a good practice to improve sales and Live Chat is the perfect option to remain in touch with your website’s users. Nowadays, there are various chatting options available to enable a better communication with the customers, Zopim Live Chat is the famous one. The best thing is that the live chat extensions are easily available for free. So, use this Magento extension and stay communicated with your customers always.

Concluding, if you’re choosing Magento development to foster your business through online sales, then don’t forget to follow the above mentioned tips. Consider to develop a user-friendly Magento ecommerce store and see your sales improve as never before.

Do you have more ways to enhance your Magento ecommerce to improve sales? How useful were these tips in boosting your revenue, feel free to comment and share your valuable thoughts.



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