6 Skills You Can’t Ignore While Hiring the Right Magento Developer

Have you planned to develop a Magento driven eCommerce store and looking to hire a developer for your project. If you are not a tech-savvy person, it would be difficult for you to choose a right professional or a company for your business. It is quite essential to know some of the basic aspects of Magento development, that would help you to select a developer who meets your business needs and manage your project in the long run.

Despite of its popularity, Magento is a complex CMS and you need a knowledgeable person who flawlessly builds up an effective system for you to avoid just patching up the holes in your website’s backend. Gearing up to some of the indispensable skills that you must check out to effortlessly hire a true developer. This blog will guide the store owners, managers, marketers, and anyone who’s finding a professional Magento developer. These tips may also be applied to the technical, coding or CMS sides of projects.

Quality of the final product

Quality Assurance of your project is one of the fundamental parts of a professional development company. Understand more about their quality assurance process before finalizing the deal. Some of the questions you should be asking are:

Do you have an individual team of the testers responsible for the Quality of the project?

Does your QA team test the product manual or use some kind of Automatic tool?

Magento Certifications

Magento certifications are a way of recognizing the skills and expertise of any Magento developer.

Currently offered Magento certifications are:

Magento Solution Specialist: this certificate specifies that the candidate is not geared towards in-depth knowledge, but, have an overall understanding of Magento platform and its applications.

Magento Certified Developer Offers

Magento Front-End Developer: this certificate nominates a developer’s ability to create and customize the Magento themes including Look and Feel of your Website.

Magento Certified Developer:

This certificate is ideal for all Magento back-end development including from site structure to checkout, payment and shipping methods, extension integration and more. This certificate defines that the developer has a deep understanding of Magento and can work on a code-level.

Magento Certified Developer Plus:

This certificate designates that the developer has a deep knowledge of the Magento enterprise edition in summation to Magento community.

Hire a Team or an Individual

If you’re thinking of hiring a Team for the development of your project, you must understand that their price is more likely to be higher than the individuals. But, if you have a high budget and decide to hire a team, just make sure that they will develop your store efficiently and effectively. Where, you won’t be needing to worry about the design, development or any other stuff about your project.

But, if you’re on a low budget and decide to go with an individual, just ensure to Hire Magento Developer who has considerable experience in Magento customization and back-end development and ability to deliver an optimal quality at affordable prices.

Development In Your Niche

If you are working on a big project, then you should probably ask them, if they have done similar projects before in the past? It’s important to know that your website will be optimized for the specific niche and when these things are not taken care of then your marketing, sales, also other efforts are going to suffer.

Make a Website

Plus, this will also clarify that weather they have the right tools to get everything work properly or not.

Handle Complex Magento Projects

Ask your candidates weather they have handled complex Magento projects before? If so, then must ask for the project that they think is their best showcase.

A Dedicated Project Manager

Ask the company if they have a project manager to communicate with regarding project during the development period. Remember, a project manager is important for the full development tasks.

Offered a Reasonable Package

If this is your first time for consulting an IT professional, you might have no idea about the pricing right?

But, whenever you think that Their price is too high and about to decline their offer, first try to get their justification of the price for your project and compare it to another one. You’ll get more idea if the offered price is reasonable or not.

What are the other tips you’ll give to someone who’s looking to hire a Magento developer/company for the first time. If you have something to share, please feel free to comment.

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