Top 7 Essentials WordPress Plugins For Your Business Websites

Top 7 Essentials WordPress Plugins - Kodematix

WordPress is an amazing platform that is intuitive and user-friendly. For the same reason, it is very easy to build a complete website on the platform without having the basic knowledge of HTML coding. So if you find more than 75 million websites on the WordPress platform, it should not come as a surprise to you. If these many companies are using the platform then, there is something really to think about it.

There are a good number of reasons as to why you should use the WordPress platform. The major one is the plugins that it offers. Any business website can make use of such plugins and enjoy enhanced functionalities. As a business owner, you can customize and personalize the website using the WordPress customization services so that you can offer products and services more effectively.

Interesting, right? Kodematix come up with the top plugins that can really change your business website and render effective results.

  1. Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO Yoast SEO-2 Yoast SEO- 3 Yoast SEO-4 Yoast SEO-5 Yoast SEO-6

When it comes to different plugins, nothing can beat Yoast SEO. This is the best plugin you can have for your business website. It helps you to have complete control on the website and manage it your way. Using this plugin, you can manage the titles and meta description from post to post or page to page basis. You can even make customizable descriptions for Google+ and Facebook pages as well as set 301 redirections by setting rules for search engine robots.

  • Jetpack
Jetpack-1 Jetpack-2 Jetpack-3 Jetpack-4 Jetpack-5

Jetpack is another important WordPress plugin for the businesses. It comes with following features.

  • Security – Jetpack understands that security is a very important thing for websites and so it should be on the top of the priority list. Jetpack monitors downtime, saves from force attacks, carries out automatic plugin updates and even saves from unauthorized logins.
  • Traffic growth – By Jetpack you can know the precise number of visitors on your website and can even attract more by making use of the functionalities like posting, sharing and spreading the posts.
  • Well-organized management – Centralized dashboard is an another important feature from Jetpack. Using this plugin you can easily manage all the posts, plugins, menus and statistics from a common point. If you have different websites then this option can definitely turn out to be useful.
  • Performance – The performance of your website can be greatly boosted by this plugin as it completely depends on the content delivery network of
  1. WordFence Security
Wordfence Security1 Wordfence Security 2 Wordfence Security 3 Wordfence Security 4 Wordfence Security 5 Wordfence Security 6 Wordfence Security 7

WordFence Security is the most downloaded plugin by websites to ensure security. The plugin first checks your website thoroughly for any malicious codes and viruses. After completing the scan it performs a number of tasks which will help to secure your website and perform faster.

Protecting the website from unauthorized access as well as performing regular checks is a part of its activities. If you are not sure to use the plugin, you can take the help of WordPress plugin development company.

  1. UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration :

Anything can happen to your website in the current scenario. What if your server crashes or the website gets hacked? You will lose your complete data, right? So you should regularly take the backup of the website and this plugin will do the task for you.

You can easily have a partial or complete backup for your website. The plugin works fast and so you will get the backup in just a few minutes. The backup can be stored at locations like FTP or Dropbox. There is no room for second thought when choosing a plugin for backup as this one is the most sorted out option in the market.

  1. Contact Form 7 :

Contact Form 7

One of the best things about business websites is that it offers a platform to contact you. If you too want the same for your website, you must have the Contact Form 7 plugin. The visitors or customers can easily get in touch with you, have a word or leave a comment. With thousands of active installs, it clearly proves to be an important arrow in your quiver.

  1. WooCommerce :
WooCommerce-1 WooCommerce-2 WooCommerce-3 WooCommerce-4 WooCommerce-5

By using WooCommerce, you will be able to deliver an amazing user experience to the online shoppers. The plugin lets you have easy to use checkout process and multiple payment options. You can even boost user engagement by creating attractive & best WordPress themes, generating content and offering product review section.

You can integrate the payment option of PayPal, offer buttons for free coupons and free shipping; as well as track your sales and website performance using Google Analytics. You can better take the help of WordPress developers if you are not well-versed with installing the plugin.

  1. WP Super Cache :

WP Super Cache

Super fast websites are what people want today. WP Super Cache plugin can help the businesses to achieve it. The plugin easily converts the dynamic HTML to static ones which help to render the pages at great speed.

When said this, it does not mean that you have to install all the plugins right now on your business website. Doing so can make your website slow or even affect the website performance. So check the website thoroughly and see which plugins can help to improve the performance of your website and help you bring in more customers.