7 Quick WordPress Tips For Clients To Watch Out In 2017

Wordpress tips 2017

There’s no doubt that WordPress is the most popular CMS out there – by a longshot! Since its release 13 years ago, WordPress has spread its wings widely over the market of self-hosted websites and risen to major leaguer.

Some of the most famous, high traffic websites such as Forbes, National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal powered by this popular CMS WordPress has come a long way since its beginning in 2003. The fact is that almost 75 million sites are powered by WP today.

The reason of WordPress success is because it is easy to use and it is fully customizable. However, as more people have realized that the quality of their site’s back-end is just as important as the quality of front-end, it is expected to see that 75 million figure skyrocket.

Apart from user friendliness and customization, WordPress is a reliable option if you are looking for design, loading speed, organization and functionality. Make sure you are heading into the coming year 2017 with a fully responsive, optimized, high performing WordPress website and set yourself up with these quick tips:

1.Get Familiarized With Multilingual WordPress Setups

Are you planning to get your business go global in 2017? If yes, you should get familiarized with WPML (WordPress Multilingual) plugin. WPML is sophisticated enough to build and run a professional, enterprise level site yet simple enough to translate the blogs and other less complex websites.
language Using WPML you can translate pages, posts, taxonomy, custom types, and menus into more than 40 languages. You even have the option of adding your own language variants such as Mexican Spanish or Canadian French. Moreover, WPML is compatible with almost every plugin or theme that uses WordPress API to make the setup as seamless as possible.

2.Integrate Landing Pages Within WordPress

Now, this is why we say Work smarter, not harder. Yes, who doesn’t want to reduce the stress by centralizing your efforts. If you want to keep your URL structure consistent abide by best SEO practices and maintain a good website speed, you must be integrating those landing pages within WordPress.

Using landing pages for WordPress plugins, you can easily create fully customizable landing pages for your site and publish them to your WP site. Not only will your landing pages look slick, you will also be able to track traffic, conversions and all other metrics in one place.

3.Make Your WordPress Site Interactive

We all know well that content is king. In order to keep bounce rates low and keep potential or current customers/leads engaged, you must provide them with valuable content. However, it’s not that the content has to be cookie cutter. In order to make your website stand out from other WordPress sites, create an enhanced and interactive user experience.


Using a calendar plugin and create a forum, encourage comments, implement an interactive quiz. These are a few great ways to turn your static WordPress site into an engaging platform by involving the community.

4.Switch Hosting To WP Engine

The main things I usually ramble on are security, speed, migration and easy installation.. WPEngine is a leading WordPress hosting service and the team at WPEngine is constantly working to run WordPress in the most efficient way possible.

Using WPEngine to host your site, you can ensure that your site will be more faster, scalable and secure than ever. Switch to WPEngine now!

5.Prepare for WordPress PHP Version7.0

Yes, that’s true, 7.0 is coming in 2017! So, if you are creating themes or plugins, make sure that you update your WordPress themes and plugins in accordance with 7.0. Or, if you run or manage a website with an older version, make sure that you update your site before you upgrade to PHP 7.0.

6.Decrease Page Load Times

By saying this, I mean to say that do anything possible in order to cut down wait times. Because, page loading time is an extremely important part of your website’s user experience. In fact, many studies have shown that page loading time has a direct effect on conversion rate. However, despite of knowing the fact, many WordPress developers and site owners sacrifice page load time in order to achieve a more appealing aesthetic design, innovative functionality, or high resolution imagery.

Page Speed

Enough! Kick start 2017 by cutting down your page load times and you’ll surely see blowing conversion rates through the roof!

7.Cut Down On Plugins

The main aim of this blog post follows an episode of Hoarders. Simple advise is, stop trying to cram every new plugin that comes your way onto your site. You may not want to use all those bells and whistles that may seem cool at first, but actually end up hurting your site.

Step into the rocking new year with these easy tips! Remember, sometimes the simple your website is, the better it works!