7 WordPress Trends You Should Be Checking Out For 2015

Wordpress Trends

Hope this year has gone down well for all the WordPress designers. The year 2015 has seen some considerable changes, and there are some trend-setters who are all set to completely revolutionize the way WordPress web designing will happen.

These trends are expected to show some huge impact in the current year. Have a look at some of these WordPress web designing trends that are expected to be in fashion in 2015.

1) Flat Design:
Flat has become popular since Microsoft released Windows 8 in 2012. Even Google has announced the material design that will adapt to the flat look. It seems that the flat design is here to stay for a long time. There are numerous themes in WordPress that support the flat trend.

2) Responsive Design:
Year by year there is an increase in the number of users who access internet through their mobile devices. Thus, responsive design has become totally inevitable for website designers. It is high time now that responsive design be accepted as a web design standard, rather than considering it a trend. The year 2015 is all set to see an increase in the number of web designers who will be adopting this standard. In order to help the developers achieve this task conveniently, there are a number of WordPress based responsive themes available on the web.


3) Background Images:
They enhance the overall look of the webpage, and large, beautiful background will be more accepted as a trend to follow in the current year. Nowadays, visitors also look upon websites that have a good appearance, and attractive images in the background will ensure that their visit becomes a memorable one. High-quality images that have the capabilities of creating an ever-lasting impression on the mind of the users are the preference of all the designers these days.

4) Scrolling Websites:
There is an increasing number of websites that force their visitors to use the scrolling wheel on their mouse instead of their fingers. Instead of clicking on a bunch of menus, visitors now get to scroll down elegant web pages that are never-ending. Scrolling vs. clicking serves as a good navigation technique. It takes less pages, means less loading time, and enhances visitor interaction. For WordPress, you will find single-page themes for WordPress across all the theme providers on the web. You may also find some WordPress thems that use Parallax. Some are also available for free.

5) Modular Design:
When we talk about the end of the multiple pages website, ther is one more aspect that has caught the attention of many designers. It’s the modularization of the content. One more thing that we could look forward to in 2015 is the compartmentalization of the websites that would have their own singular behavior and interactions. No more jumping from one page to another. Instead, visitors will stay put while everything around them will be changing.

6) Typography:
Since the dawn of websites, you might have come across Times new roman a number of times and this font is just about everywhere, on all the websites and all pages, or sections. However, webmasters have started making a switch as they feel that in order to increase the engagement rate on the website, even the fonts could play a huge role. Webmasters are now realizing that in order to make their websites stand to, they need to provide a different interface with new-age fonts to define a character of their own.

It has become vital to use the typography in expressing the real tone of your business. There have been instances, where the website owners are utilizing the services of web designing companies just for the sake of getting creative with their fonts. The use of colors will get more clever. The need to keep the text on web pages to bare minimum will perhaps continue, and this will give the designers more room to experiment with fonts and colors.

7) HTML and CSS3 Will Rule:
These technologies have already managed to grab the attention of website designing houses. CSS has established itself as a trusted web designing tool, and the same could be said about HTML too. The latest version of CSS has only got more and more people talking about it and even using it.

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