7000..9000..See Increase In Your Sales Number With Magento Amazon Integration

Happiness cannot be counted in terms of numbers obviously, but sales number when comes to 9000..10,000..11,000..+ still counting can surely give you happiness of 11,000+ volt.

Increase number of sales

Well jokes apart, the thing to ponder about is how did the magic happen? How the numbers increased in just a month? Now stop pondering..the answer is integration of your Magento store with Amazon. The integration can expand your online store to millions of potential online shoppers across the globe.

Online shoppers are very well aware about Amazon the top market place for online shopping. Everyday numerous potential shoppers come to Amazon, and listing your items there will be one of the wise decision to enhance your productivity, web exposure and even increase your sales number.

Congratulations! You Are Saved From Problems!

Just in case if Magento Amazon integration was not available, think about your situation! Terrible ..right? Multiple channels..leads to multiple work! You had to take care of every aspect of sales process. May be you may think that managing inventory for two sales channel won’t have much work or it would be quite easy but its easy until you do it. Plus manual effort for each channel will affect your productivity, the person’s talent will go in waste and it’s even expensive.


But..phew! We would congratulate you that now you are free from these problems with Magento Amazon integration.

Key Features Of Good Magento/Amazon Integration

Surely if you are considering Magento Amazon integration your ultimate goal for that would be productivity, efficiency and ability to evolve alongside your company. Though consider few key features for good Magento Amazon integration:

  • Back-End Systems Integration

Obviously you don’t want any manual processes to be done, and so integration onto back end systems is vital and that ability shouldn’t be for one solution alone. If you go with the support of known ERP, POS and accounting systems (like Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamic RMS) will make sure that the integration platform you pick up will stay with you even if you add or change back-end systems in future. Assistance of this model can help you to keep connections to every of your sales channels intact that saves your previous integration efforts.

  • Visibility – Track & Manage

Along with the back end integration, it’s important to have a management console in addition to integration solution. The management console will act as a control panel and will help you to manage all your channels and combine all of your sales information into a single location, no matter where the order begins.

With help of portal you can easily view all transactions for each and every customer at one place to rapidly and precisely reply to inquiries. Along with this, the tool even permits you to centralize and analyze the information so that you can easily target your audience.

  • Multi-Channels Support

Many-to-many integration platform is far better than one-to-one connector option while selecting one. Many-to-many means you should be able to integrate multiple channels with multiple back-end system. Just for instance, if you have Quickbooks and you want to share the information, inventory and other information with multiple platforms like Magento, Amazon, and eBay you can do it from one integration.

This helps you to not only simply your IT work but even allows you to boost your sales effort up and yes for sure success.

TIPS Time!

Obviously making your presence and selling on Amazon will always be an exciting opportunity. However, in that excitement it’s quite important to take care of following things:

  • It is recommended to use just only one Magento store per Amazon seller account.
  • Make sure that currency used in both accounts is same, i.e. Amazon’s account and Magento store’s account.
  • Pay full attention on your inventory management to verify that you have good amount of products to complete orders within the amount of shipping time mentioned on the listing.
  • At the time of processing Amazon orders, remember that you add shipping method along with tracking number to the order prior to confirmation of complete order. Doing this will verify that this vital tracking information is sent back to Amazon.
  • Learn about Amazon’s selling policies and study hard on best practices from Amazon.
  • Have a look on Amazon’s processes and how it works thing.

We sure that no you very well know how to reach your happiness of high sales number with help of integration.

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