A Glance At Major Strengths And Flaws Of Magento eCommerce Web Development Services!

Magento eCommerce Development

Magento being an open-source eCommerce web application for various online businesses, it is considered as the most preferred platform for various eCommerce businesses. As a result, if you are also looking forward to setting up your eCommerce store on the most flexible platform, you can definitely head towards Magento that would offer you with different attractive features as well as efficient scalability option. But, before we initiate further to analyze the advantages as well as disadvantages of the Magento eCommerce platform, first let us have a quick look towards the characteristics of this platform.

Magento being the most flexible open source eCommerce platform has some of the best yet advanced features of the virtual store. These advanced features are unique, safe, search engine friendly as well as accurate technology that facilitates indexing in search engines. As the Magento serves both high end and low-end online businesses that include free version and costly premium versions of the application, it becomes easier for the business owners to set up their online eCommerce stores.

Although, the Magento is considered as one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms, there are some of the strengths and flaws of this platform. Let us have a brief look over those factors that is related with eCommerce web development services:


  • Exclusive features: The Magento software offers the users with a number of unique and exclusive features that are usually not found in other eCommerce software. Some of the features include the ability for managing different store fronts that make Magento highly popular. Another best thing includes the support of multi-language and the multi-currency options that can be used anywhere in the world. This ultimately makes it convenient for the users to make out the best use from this platform. Besides that, the Magento is optimized for the mobile devices and are SEO friendly platform too.
  • Customizable and Flexibility: Magento offers extensive customization features to the store owners as well as users according to their businesses. You could get your site just exactly the same as you want. As a result, with the customization and flexibility options, the Magento offers right fit according to the preferences.

Magento eCommerce Web Development Services

  • Convenient for users: The Magento software is user-friendly in all the areas, primarily when it comes to administrative navigation. The technicalities related to Magento is kept at a minimum level while emphasizing on its clarity as well as ease of use. The home page is usually well-organized and offers a convenient environment for working efficiently.
  • Wide range of access: The Magento software offers access to the wide range of community across the world. With the number of plugins and extensions, the Magento offers best supporting features that help in growing your business. Ultimately, this creates community coverage globally while creating link
  • Cost Relations: Another best part of Magento is that the community version is free of charge. It needs no investment from your side as it is an open source web application software. Thus, Magento believes in maintaining the cost relations as different versions are designed for the tight as well as non-existent budgets.


  • Lack of developers: The different types of complexities related with developing a Magento system makes it difficult in finding good as well as qualified developers. The system generally has almost 20000 files as well as 200 database table that makes it quite complex system.
  • Limited hosting: As the Magento offers a suitable platform for the small as well as large-scale businesses, it offers different settings to host the sites on dedicated servers. At some of the times, you may face a cumbersome or congested user experience as the shared hosting structure slows down your site.
  • Time Consuming: Some of the applications of Magento have complexities and have different variations. As a result, this may sometimes result into time-consuming process due to its complexity.
  • Cost prohibitive versions: Even though the community version of Magento come for free, there are other complex versions that comes at higher costs. The Enterprise version and Premium version has some cost and the price also differs by the developers installing it.


As Magento involves some of the impeccable strengths for a convenient developer and user experience, it also has some of the major flaws that one cannot ignore. But still, its different features like the plugins and extensions as well as the working of Magento system makes it one of the most favourable platforms for the eCommerce store owners. If you need any kind of assistance regarding setting the eCommerce store, you can contact us- the Kodematix at any time. We are happy to help you 24/7.

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