What Are Buyer Personas And How To Create Them For Your E-commerce Store?

Buyer Personas by kodematix

For any business, it is very important to identify the target audience. Things are no different with online market. There are a large number of shoppers and being able to catch their attention is a big thing.

Now the question arises is that how are you going to let your shoppers know you are different from others in the market? You can do this by offering relevant products, messages and content. But, what if you don’t know whom you should be telling all this? So, it is important to build up a buyer persona and understand them properly to carry out your future marketing strategy.


What is a buyer persona? :

Basically, a buyer persona is also termed as marketing persona. It is a virtual form that represents your ideal customer. Moreover, you can say that a buyer persona represents a number of buyers with the same kind of shopping instincts. These are the people whom you want to target as a part of your marketing campaign and get the efforts converted into a sale.

Basically, you don’t have to get on the road to look for them. You just need to imagine yourself as one of such prospect and identify their needs and challenges. This helps you to know why you have the solution for their problem in the form of products or services. In short, you come up with a virtual identity or say persona that fits your ideal customer.

How To Create A Buyer Persona:

Create a buyer persona

A buyer persona is built around the information you have about your customers. You must keep in mind that your business revolves around your customers.

Go through the customer database or contact details and see what is common out there. You can even check for trends.

It is possible to collect data based on the demography if you have access to Google Analytics.

It is possible to get more information about your customers by contacting them and asking few questions. The information will help you to develop insights.

Certain questions that can help you build a buyer persona :

Certain questions that can help you build a buyer persona

  • Demographics: This includes a number of things. Ask questions to know their age, location, educational background, gender, annual income, family background, etc.
  • Psychographics: Try to know about their hobbies, interests, etc. Know when they started to use technology.
  • Daily life: Do they work? If yes, then for how long? Do they have any spare time or are they stressed out?
  • Their values: Are they budget shoppers or spend enormously? Are there any chances of your product causing them any objection?
  • Pain points: What issues do they face in their daily life? Can your product help in any way to ease that pain?
  • Goals: What is their goal in life and how can your product or service help them achieve it?
  • Research: Are they active on social media? Do they spend time online? Are they frequent shopper?

All these questions will pave a way to come up with some insights which can help you paint a picture of your customers as well as know what can make them shop at your store. With all these information, you can come up with some contents for promotion as well as have some products which you think can deliver their needs.

For sure, you may come up with different personas but then, it is okay as you will know the different kind of customers you have to reach.

Building personas :

In the beginning, you can come up with 3-5 personas. You may even have more build during the process. Once you have them, classify them as well as name them. Give them an image based on their traits.

Now try to create a profile of the personas based on the aforementioned information. Develop your description based on the below-mentioned criteria.

Short persona description :

  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Demographics
  • Opportunity
  • Hobbies
  • Personality
  • Fears
  • Needs

Now contact your sales and support team and ask them whether they have come up with such customer description any time. If there are repeat customers with the same description, you can be sure that your assumptions were right.

Building buyer persona will help you avoid the scenario where you are simply targeting a large mass of people. Building a persona requires little time but, it will help you find the right customers from the crowd. Never think that buyer persona is static. Keep on reviewing your research with changing market trends. The better you understand the buyers, the better you will able to plan the marketing strategy.