Create Promo Code Website Using WordPress

WordPress Website

Are you looking to create a Promo Code website using a WordPress?

If yes, this piece of writing would help in many ways and you will learn to create a coupon site in WordPress without any code language.

People are always on the lookout for a discount, coupon code, or exclusive deals. In addition to this, it is no different when it comes to visiting the online shop. So, with these amazing coupon code deals, people save more bucks that lead to shop more and frequently.

Because the opportunity of saving a few bucks could lead to more sales, implementing one or multiple WordPress coupon code plugin could be a game-changer for your online business.

Before continuing to the reading further, have a look at the following information related on how to earn money through promo code websites;

In recent times, deals and coupons sites are great ways for individuals to earn money online.

You can get the latest coupons from various online affiliate marketplaces and start promoting them on your website. So, this way you will earn money via affiliate marketing and CPA marketing.

To know more about it, consider these detail guide on creating a promo code or coupon website using WordPress. If you are a beginner, just follow this guide, and you will have your coupon website up!

Why You Should Use Coupons

In recent years, there’s been a good increase in the number of online shoppers. Also, often what draws them to the internet for their shopping is coupons.

So, this is the coupon era! And most of all prefer to shop with the latest deals offering by coupons.

Let’s get started…

Majorly, there are main four steps that you need to follow for creating a coupon website with WordPress;

1. Buy a domain and hosting
2. Install WordPress
3. Install a WordPress coupon theme
4. Install plugins

Buy a Domain And Hosting

So once get started, select a name for your coupon site that easily indicates the purpose of the site and also create a unique brand image.

After you’ve decided a name of the website, do register a domain with that name. In simple term, a domain name is nothing but a web address that used to access your website.

Generally, buying a domain costs you about approx $10-$20 per year. However, there are many hosting providers such as Bluehost that is one of the most well-known WordPress hosting providers. Also, it gives away a free domain for one year with the purchase of a web hosting account.

Although you will need a hosting account anyway so that you can take advantage of the free domain offer given by Bluehost.

Install WordPress On The Hosting Account

When you are done with hosting purchase, hosting provider greeted you with log in details via email. So, log in with those details and install WordPress.

After WordPress installation, convert WordPress blog into a full-fledged coupon website. This process requires customizing WordPress with the help of themes and adding coupon site related features with the help of a plugin.

Install WordPress Coupon Themes

Installing WordPress Theme

There are more than thousands of free and premium themes available in the marketplace.

You just need to be careful with the free themes providers, as, sometimes many of them include malware. So, for a better prospect, consider buying a premium theme.

Premium themes provide many further changes and good customer support, so, it is better to consider premium themes when your main motto is to generate income from this website.

Install WordPress Plugins

Plugins let you implement extra features that are not included in the default WordPress installation.

For example, WordPress has no default feature allowing you to create a contact form for your “contact us” page. So, to function this, you can add a related plugin to run your feature.

So, depending upon your needs, explore more plugins in the WordPress plugin directory.

After creating a coupon website, have a look at the following tips;

  • Now that you have a solid foundation of WordPress coupon plugins to take advantages of. In addition to these, follow a few tips that will work with your customers and better way to find a customer, too.
  • Always make a product easy to find, there is nothing worse than having an awesome coupon for a product that is impossible to find on your website.
  • Link coupon to the products, make sure that any discounts, coupons, or sales have to be linked with particular products.
  • Make coupon relevant, if possible, present coupons to your customers that are relevant to what they are purchasing right away.

Final Note:

By completing the above steps, you will have a coupon website up and running in no time. So, whenever you want to create a promo code website using WordPress, check out these things you need to do while creating a coupon site.