Define ‘PERFECTION’ With Magento Extension Development

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Magento is the world’s most admired open source eCommerce platform. Now it’s pretty clear in everyone’s mind that if they desire to build a shopping site, it must be architected in Magento. More than 150,000 businesses have chosen Magento for their Ecommerce requirements; we are sure you won’t go wrong with this extraordinary platform.

Best Magento Extensions play a vital role in its website development. They are one main reason for the high level of flexibility offered by Magento eCommerce platform. ‘Extensions’ as the word signifies their work is to extend the functionality of Magento in order to achieve business goal and customer satisfaction.

Explore few free extensions provided by Magento:

  • Social Login – Unlock The Store With EASE

Pissed with boring long login forms? If yes, Social Login is just there for you. It is the key to your effective and productive business online presence. With this extension the number of visitors to your online store will not have to go through a protracted technique of submitting login details.

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Social login enables login through a social network profile like Facebook, Twitter and many more. Being absolutely responsive our Magento social login extension will easily work on desktop, tablet and cell phones.

  • Ajax Add to Cart – Optimize The Shopping Experience

How frustrating it becomes when you need to continuously reload the pages for your shopping? We can understand that, and so with help of Ajax Add to Cart we will vanish your ‘frustration’. Ajax help the customers to add, remove and update products from Magento store in pretty easy way, without reloading the cart continuously using Ajax pop-up while staying on the same page whether it is category listing page, product detail page, wishlist page.

This extension is flexible with every kind of product such as simple, virtual, configurable, bundle, gift card or any other. With every addition of deletion of the product, just the shopping cart is refreshed. Such ease helps the customers to continue their shopping rather than waiting for pages to refresh.

  • One Step Checkout – Happy Ending Redirects To Success!

Prior getting aware about One Step Checkout ability, let’s answer following few questions:

  • Are your customer’s relinquishing the shopping cart frequently?
  • Does your site oblige clients to navigate through various pages just to finish their online shopping?
  • Is your site providing you an appropriate way to complete an e-commerce conversion?

Shopping cart abandonment affects the sales figure highly. More the complications more the dropouts – that means the more complicated and lengthy process to reach the checkout the more drops you face in conversion. Which implies, the endeavors you have taken to draw a client towards sales gets ruined because of the hindrances that lie between product selection and product purchase.

But don’t worry; we have an easy and simple solution for great checkout process. ‘One Step Checkout’ is the best solution for the checkout process. It is a well-planned checkout process that not only helps your customers to shop more but even increases your conversion numbers.

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Zendesk – Watch ‘A Happy Customer’

It takes months to find a customer and seconds to lose one”. Keeping your customers satisfied is just as important as acquiring new customers. Zendesk is cloud-based customer support software that helps you manage your customers – support issues. Pondering how it helps you and your customer? Well, it makes simple for customers to leave queries/support tickets by allowing them to create tickets from Magento store.

Zendesk makes it simple for clients to leave bolster tickets by permitting them to make bolster tickets right from your Magento store. So, can we say it a smart personal customer service extension?

Bronto – Welcome The Customer Again

What if a customer suddenly has to close the site with the items in the cart due to some urgent work? May be you will see a decrease in sales figure every time such circumstance appears, or may lose a customer every time. Every time the customer leaves the site, you leave money on the table. Well, don’t worry – put a smile on your face as Magento extensions have a solution for this too.

Bronto gets those individuals who abandoned their cart to come back and complete their purchase. Along with this, Bronto is also a Magento Gold Partner and #1 use of email marketing contributor to the Internet Retailer Top 1000.

How we can help you?

As Magento is an open source platform it offers number of extensions for free to create a feature rich website. But in some cases, where you don’t find an extension according to your needs, you need to create one – Necessity is mother of invention. Therefore, if you don’t have an extension that perfectly matches your needs you need to create it.

Well, this is where Kodematix comes into the picture. It has built several ecommerce website with help of Magento. Our professionals are experts in creating customized extensions as per your requirement. They easily develop the extensions and solve all your Magento queries providing 100% satisfaction to our clients who are looking to run their multiple online stores for their business.

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