eCommerce Solutions: A Gateway to Your Online Business

Ecommerce Solutions for Online Business

Once Bill Gates rightly said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” This clearly specifies that, whether you are an owner of any kind of business- large or small, you need to establish its online presence. This will ultimately help in building strong customer following as the potential customers would surely incline towards the online websites and could be easily reached by their potential customers.

eCommerce Platforms:

The eCommerce industry is a force that no investor can afford to ignore.” With this quote, you must now be having a clear idea that how important is it to have an eCommerce platform for your business or brand. Launching an online store is not a rocket science, as with the right tools anyone can be successful at selling their products online. You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed, you have to create traffic.

There are plenty of eCommerce resources available- right from DIY eCommerce website builders to the online marketplaces as well as merchant services. One just has to discover these tools for the initial start-up of online business and making it more affordable than ever. As a result, let us have a look at some of the best eCommerce solution providers that can help you to get started:


Magento is among one of the most powerful eCommerce solutions and is the most mature and sophisticated platform to use. The Magento is primarily owned by eBay that has several rich features. Apart from all these features, Magento is easy to get hosted on online platforms and as its software is very modular, it can gradually grow with your business.

Big Commerce:

The Bigcommerce is another online eCommerce platform that helps the business owners to migrate their online stores from any of the platform to your favorable ones with in-depth training on marketing as well as search engine optimization techniques. Those who want to grow and succeed in online business, can definitely go with the Bigcommerce option.

Ecommerce Solutions for Online Business


Shopify’s DIY online store builder offers the business owners with an easy-to-create online store with little or no necessary website development skills. As a result, this could be greatly helpful for the novices as they just have to choose their favorable website design template from the readily available 100’s of samples and just have to add products in that. The Shopify websites are fully customizable and have attractive features like a secure shopping cart and favorable payment options.


Another great source of eCommerce platform is the MobiCart that turns your eCommerce store into the mobile commerce app in order to attract the mobile customers. There are a number of potential customers who prefer buying the products or at least surfing the products through mobile devices. MobiCart is usually fully customizable that could rightly fit your brand.


eComNation is a platform that helps product innovators with innovative product ideas throughout their eCommerce journey. It helps in transforming an awesome business idea into the most successful eCommerce business. eComNation involves zero complexities and is the most secure and scalable eCommerce platform. Also, it offers 99% up-time with 100% satisfaction to its users.

Conclusion: As a result, with the ongoing eCommerce trends for different online businesses, there are some of the leading companies like the Kodematix that offers best services to its customers for developing various eCommerce open-source platforms. Different small and large business owners, especially the novices can approach Kodematix that has already served 100’s of businesses to develop their open-source platforms, web applications as well as eCommerce stores. This, as a result, gives a boost to your online business while making it approachable to a wide range of potential customers. Thus, the eCommerce solutions are considered as a gateway to your successful online business.

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