Enhance The Performance Of Your Magento eCommerce Store With Best Magento Search Extensions

magento search extensions

Well, imagine that you are having a well developed Magento store that is ready to release. It is beautifully designed, well managed from front-end and back-end, has strong email support, all the necessary extensions installed and many other attractive features but what if you put all the products of your eCommerce website on the front page itself. Don’t you think that this will be too messy for the customers!! Scrolling the page to the longer lengths will make your website not so user-friendly, right!!

As a result, your Magento eCommerce store must have a good search functionality too. Just having a good structure of the website is not enough for any of the web stores. The best thing about search functionality is that it helps in closing the sale quicker while increasing the sales and enhancing conversion rates of the website. So, to help you out with the best search functionality, the Magento Search Extensions comes into the picture.

With the Magento search extensions, the customer can easily find or ask for the products he/she wishes to buy. With this article, you will get to know about the best search extensions that you can install in your Magento web store and enhance user engagement. But before we discuss the search extensions, you must be aware of their features that are universal with all the extensions. It is possible that some of the features may vary from store to store, but below are listed some of the most common Magento search extension features:

magento search extensions for ecommerce development

  • Autosuggest or Search Suggestions: This feature, as we all know is the basic function of the search box. It will auto suggest you the list of products as you type the name of the product in the search box. This offers convenience to the customers or users. At a number of times, customers just remember the initials of the product, so with this feature, he will come across related searches starting from those initials.

  • Product Suggestions: The Product Suggestions is much like the Auto suggest feature, but instead of listing down the predictive text in the search query, the product suggest actually lists down the possible product suggestions from the catalog. This reduces unwanted hassles for the users in finding the exact product that he/she wants.

  • Spell Correction: The Spell Correction feature is fairly simple. If in case you are typing something incorrect, the spell correction feature will notify you about the correction. This way, you will not face the issue with the users leaving the site after any unsuccessful search query.

  • Analytics: The next important feature is the Analytics through which you can see the items that are popular in search. Knowing the popular search, you can make it easier to access through the navigation. The analytic report will also notify about the items going out-of-stock so that you make necessary arrangements to stock them.

Well, now you are very well aware of the important features that the Magento search extensions have. So, now it’s a good time to reveal out top three extensions that will actually help in enhancing the performance of your Magento web store. Let us have a detailed look at those much awaited Magento search extensions:

Sphinx Search Ultimate

Sphinx Search Ultimate is the most popular search extension for Magento web store. It is actually a combination of three products that mainly includes Search Auto Complete & Suggestions, Search Spell Correction as well as Advanced Spinx Search Pro. At the initial level, its price may seem to be quite high, but the product is worth and justifies the price suggested. Being available in 10 different languages, it is quite helpful if you have a large volume of data and helps customers to sort out the search queries with ease.


The InstantSearch+ is a silver industry partner that is recognized as the Magento’s most popular search extensions. This is free for the stores that have 500 products and if you have more items you need to sign up for a subscription. As a result, for those stores who has fewer Stockkeeping Units or (SKUs) can opt for this search extension. Also, the more items you have, the more you’ll have to pay.

Search Auto complete & Search Suggest

The Search Autocomplete & Search Suggest is also a free extension that attracts a lot of people through its features. This extension is something that if people understand it they will love this product or simply can’t get to work on it.

Thus, understanding the features of the search extensions and then installing the best one among them can possibly help you in enhancing the performance of your Magento eCommerce store. You can even contact us- the Kodematix who is an aspiring Magento web development company for any query.

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