Everything You Need To Know Before Selecting Best Magento Partner!

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It is rightly said that “The eCommerce industry is a force that no investor can afford to ignore” and if you true eCommerce fan, you must experience this. Setting up your own eCommerce store involves a lot of planning and the right selection of various basic necessities. Among them, the main thing to consider is choosing the right eCommerce platform for your business.

Currently, the most trending eCommerce platform is the Magento that offers a wide range of flexibility to the store owners. So, if you have make-up you mind for choosing Magento for your business then CONGRATULATIONS!! This ultimately means that you have selected the most convenient and easy-to-setup platform and have joined a community of more than 150,000 merchants worldwide that use Magento platform. Isn’t this GREAT!!

As soon as you join the Magento community, the very next step you need to consider is finding the right Magento partner for the implementation of your business. So, in order to help you out with the selection of best Magento partner, below is listed some of the great tips to get started:

  • Identify different types of Magento partners: When it comes to identifying Magento partners, you must know about different types of options available that can help you in implementing the online store. There are mainly three different types of partners available in the Magento, and they are:

    • Magento Solution Partners: The Magento Solution Partners are generally the system integrators, eCommerce experts as well as web designers that help in building as well as designing your eCommerce store. There are over 250 solution partners that were announced in the Solution Partner Program and are briefly segmented into two levels- Gold and Silver. Other than that, there is also a Magento Associate program that looks forward to building the skill set and developing Magento practice.

    • Magento Industry Partners: The Magento Industry Partners creates the application that help in customizing the online store in order to meet the specific business objectives. These industry partners offer the businesses with tools for managing the email marketing, accounting, shipping & fulfillment, payment processing, customer relationship management (CRM), back-end integration, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), analytics, customer service, product data management and many more.

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    • Magento Hosted Partners: The Magento Hosted Partners would provide with either cloud services or the dedicated servers to the host merchants online stores. These partners, along with high availability as well as performance capabilities would offer to operate the online store without even any kind of IT investments or the ongoing maintenance.

  • Find the best Magento programmers: Finding the Magento programmers as the implementation partners is not a difficult task, but finding the best one requires some definite skills and expertise. They must have proper training and have valid Magento certification as well as access to different tools, support, and the product licenses.

  • Expectations from Magento consultant: At first, it may be difficult to judge about what to expect from the Magento consultant while evaluating their services. It is important that you look for a Magento consultant that could satiate your company needs or even find a partner that can deliver it. Just make a plan-of-action before doing anything and then interview those partners that can meet your requirements successfully and can implement your needs.

  • Asking right questions: The very best way to determine the highly skilled Magento consultant is the by asking them right questions and determining their answers accordingly. One could uncover for what the partner stands for and then look how that philosophy aligns with your pre-decided goals. Some of the questions may include:

    • Profile of the customers

    • Why you support Magento as a favorable platform for your online eCommerce store?

    • Expectations from the customer service

    • Ask for the case studies

    • Ask about the technical skills of the staff

  • Looking at the big picture: There are a number of companies that are short-sighted while implementing the eCommerce solutions. This means, they just look at the immediate future of the web store that is not worth. The main purpose of choosing a Magento partner is that they must have an eye to look towards the big picture like you do for your own business.

Final wrap-up:

The above-mentioned tips can definitely help you in selecting the best Magento partner. You may even need some of the back-end applications that must be integrated along with different business processes. These processes must be followed in operating an efficient multi-channel environment. So, if you are also looking for best Magento partner solutions, you can just approach to us- Kodematix, that would offer you with the best eCommerce strategies and its implementation.

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