Experience the Magic of Enhanced Conversion Rates with Best Magento Extensions

best magento extensions to increase conversion rate

Internet is flooded with a number of eCommerce sites and each of the sites is striving really hard to achieve greater conversion rates. A website with good conversion rate determines the reliability and popularity of the website along with a strong web presence. This ultimately means that one has to develop an interactive eCommerce site on the most robust and portable eCommerce platform that is easily adaptable to any of the changes.

As a result, if you are really looking forward to meet all your ecommerce needs, Magento is considered as the best platform for online business growth. Magento is a popular platform that offers the users with the best-customized options, rich features, and a highly flexible environment.

So, in order to get guaranteed website traffic and increased conversion rates, there are some of the Magento extensions that can be integrated with your Magento sites. As a result, below we are discussing some of the best Magento extensions that are easy to install and has an intuitive and convenient interface. So here we go-

  • Social Login:

When any visitor lands on a Magento website, they look for an easy registration option, of-course when they find the site useful. In a research, it was found that nearly 23% of the users leave their cart if they are having a problem with creating an account. In order to avoid this traffic from getting abandoned, the Magento offers an easy optional login and that are instructions of Social Login Extension. With just a few clicks, one can sign in and login into the site to make their purchase. Also, this is the most convenient option for the mobile users.

Social Login

  • Slider Revolution:

Slider Revolution extension helps the websites with a good presentation,while persuading potential clients to be engaged with the products instead of focusing on the competitors. Recently introduced the Parallax technique is one such type of presentation technique that visually engages the users. Additionally, the Slider Revolution Magento extension helps you to create a slide show for specific products or categories and present it the most interactive way.

Slider Revolution

  • Product Slider:

One can attract a large number of sales by displaying the products in different attractive ways. For this, the Product Slider extensions a perfect tool that displays products from different categories. Also, being a mobile-friendly extension, it helps the mobile users with a convenient purchase.

product slider

  • Power Banner:

The users usually make up their mind to stay on the website within 90 seconds and so it is crucial to use this time displaying banners & sliders. With the help of Power Banner extensions, you can create different discount and promotion action banner sand display it as a call-to-action element on the site. This is the best way to engage potential visitors while resulting into higher conversion rates.

power banner

  • Testimonials: It is a proven fact that the conversion rate in any of the eCommerce businesses can be enhanced by convincing the potential customers to use your service. Thus, this can be done through adding customer testimonials on the site. Nearly 70% of the online customers trust on the reviews and recommendations of the other users. Also, the third party reviews play an important role for the success of eCommerce business. One of the powerful testimonial extensions is Magebuzz that allows the customers to upload their picture and show them in the listing page.



Thus, if you are also looking for different conversion rate optimization techniques for your Magento site, you can approach to Kodematix- one of the leading eCommerce solution providing companies. The Kodematix will help you with the best conversion rate enhancing solutions by integrating the appropriate Magento extensions on your website. This will ultimately help you in establishing your strong web presence with the increased website traffic.

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