Expert’s Guide To Hire An Affordable WordPress Developer

Being a WordPress blogger, you might be a multi-talented personality! Writing, editing, marketing and design are the basic skills needed to be a good blogger. Probably, you even have a bit knowledge about coding.

Whether you pick up CSS to update the theme fonts, or learned some PHP to create customized shortcodes or your own child themes, I guess you know enough to get your work done by WordPress, most of the time…

But, on your long journey of blogging, you may come across a roadblock at some point or other. May be your code updates do not work up to your expectations and you end up with blank screens, weird formatting or some error messages. Or, maybe you’re unable to figure out how to make changes you want or you don’t know where to start.

If this is the case with you, probably it’s time to consider hiring a professional WordPress developer. I know, being a blogger it may be tempting to do all the stuff yourself and if there’s enough time, you could probably do everything on your own. But if it takes much time of researching and trials and errors, it’s a wise step to hire wordpress website developer.


When do you neaed a professional developer?
Though WordPress is an easy-to-use platform where you can do any type of changes on your own, but you should consider hiring a developer when:

  • You want to customize your theme in a particular way but don’t know how
  • You need a customized plugin which doesn’t exist.
  • You don’t have enough time to figure out how to make changes you want
  • You want to make some big changes but don’t want to risk breaking your site

Remember, your time is a valuable asset, so it’s worth hiring an expert to do all the professional job so that you can dedicate your precious time on a higher strategy which you’re best at.

How to find a professional WordPress developer for hiring?

Often, hiring a good WordPress developer turns out to be a daunting task, so let’s break the process into a few steps. Here are those steps to let you get started.

Step #1. Plan Your Project

Before looking out for developers, plan out what are your needs! Outline your project in detail and create a document that details exactly what you’re looking for, what the end result should be and when you need it to be done. Now, make another list of developer requirements based on your business project. For example, if you need to build a custom plugin, you may want to hire a developer who specializes in WordPress plugin development.


Step #2. Set Up Your Budget

It’s smart step to set aside a budget for your developer before searching for a developer. This step may seem counter-intuitive, in case if you have no idea how much your project would cost. If you’re thinking to contact developers first, and see what prices they’re charging, the truth is that every developer has a different pricing strategy.

There’s no “standard rate” for hiring a WordPress developer.

Though you don’t have any idea about how much your project might cost, you do know how much you can afford to spend on it.

By setting up a budget initially, you’ll save enough time by narrowing down your options by price and choosing the developers who’re available to meet your budget. If you discuss your budget with your developers, they may work with you to find an effective solution fitting in your budget.

Step #3. Find Developers

Searching out for a freelancer developer who’s skilled, available, reliable and can work within your budget is always a challenge.

This can be made easy by compiling a list of potential developers for you to contact.


Obviously, Googling is a first step, just type WordPress developer in the google search and you’ll have millions of results. Try to narrow down by specialty and locality. There are many more options you can try to find developers like LinkedIn, Twitter, Comments and Blog posts, WordPress Communities, Bidding sites, Social media, testimonials etc.

Just make sure the developer meets your business requirements and review their portfolio to see if they’ve worked for similar project in past.

Step #4. Choose a Developer To Hire

Now, start contacting developers to see if they’re perfect fit.

Create a short message that outlines your project needs and your business requirements and send to each of the developers and ask them for a quote.


On the basis of their responses, you should be able to narrow down a few choices. If everything works well, you can think of having a good relationship with a developer who can help you with all your WordPress needs.

Bottom line:

Hiring a WordPress developer for your site can be tricky initially, but by properly planning your project ahead, sticking to your budget and carefully choosing a developer, you’ll come out ahead.





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