Fall In Love With Word ‘SUCCESS’ By Magento Migration

magento migration success

Whoops! You Made A Mistake!

Mistakes are part of any successful business.” Doing wrong, trying to solve it, finding a right solution and managing to do it well – is part of every success. We understand choosing a wrong ecommerce platform can be one of your worst decision one can make, but you have not come to end of the world. After releasing your mistake its perfect time to say good bye to limited growth, low scalability and flexibility and welcome your success by migrating your ecommerce store to Magento.

Learn without mistakeWondering why Magento? Obviously there are numerous ecommerce platforms in market but just question yourself is there any platform that offers great functionality just like Magento? May be your answer is a BIG NO. Still pondering and wondering if the answer still can be a YES? Then let’s explore why Magento migration is ideal option for your success.

Initially, do your visitors are satisfied with great shopping experience? No? Do they often complain about poor navigation, not satisfied with tracking order system and other essential features on your website? Yes, they do? Well you can understand how frustrated they become and how fast you need to solve the things.

Magento can put a full stop to your never ending problems. This ecommerce solution helps you to put an end to messy navigation throughout the store, shopping carts that are difficult to use, lack of order tracking or the ability to market your eCommerce store through one administration panel. Migration to Magento is a seamless way to enhance the efficiency of your ecommerce store enormously.

So, of we put down the points for why to choose Magento it can be:

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  • Adds Functionalities
  • Saves Money
  • Increases Sales
  • Saves Time

Magento Migration Offers You Excellence

Magento migration is surely a boon for your ecommerce store, but still consider few benefits offered by Magento Migration:

  • User-friendly ecommerce store interface for users

  • User-friendly back-end admin panel for every functions

  • Flawless order tracking on both sides – the front and back end

  • Perfect real-time management over your inventory

  • Search engine optimization

  • Shopping carts that are user-friendly and efficient

Steps To Reach The Platform Of Growth – Magento

The migration of your existing ecommerce platform to Magento is pretty easy. The steps to carry the migration:

  • Confirm the status of your hosting platform to make certain the compatibility with Magento.

  • Copy the website design of your online store into Magento till the time you want another particular design for your new store.

  • Further, start copying the existing database to Magento. The database should include everything from products, customer information, images, orders, taxes, design settings, and currencies. If users won’t see anything unusual they can simply log into to your account as usual.

  • Import your payment and shipping techniques, along with other additional features you have on your existing site.

  • Finally the site is ready to be launched.

Hope you are clear with the steps and ready to redirect yourself to way of growth and excellence.

What we can do for you?

At Kodematix, we have a passion to see the organization grow and reach their goals – that is ultimately our goal is to see a happy customer. We can help you in migration of your ecommerce platform to Magento at every step. For any query do contact us at any clock.

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