How To Find Certified Magento Developers

How To Find Certified Magento Developers

Let’s get it straight first – You need the help of a skilled and trained Magento developer to run your Magento store properly. You have to keep on updating, making changes or even have things to be fixed.

It has been noticed that Magento store owners had a tough time to find a good and certified Magento developers and failing to find one has adversely affected their businesses.

So to solve the issue and help you people out, here we are some practical techniques that can help you find the right Magento developer for your business.

Understand the kind of developer you need for the job

Before you gear up with the task of finding a Magento developer, you have to be precise about your needs. This will give you a better idea about the right kind of developer who can help you with the task.

Things to be considered

Single Time v/s Along The Project – So for what do you want to hire a developer? To solve a single issue or to help you throughout the project?

Now this is an important aspect to consider while hiring a developer. The reason for this is quite simple! Some developers may be ready to solve an issue but, not available for a long time.

On the other hand, some developers are looking for opportunities to work on long term projects and so they may not be available to work on your small requirements.

If you have the plan to hire someone to help you throughout the project, just be sure that they have enough time to offer you. If they don’t have it, there is no meaning to hire them even though they are highly talented – they won’t be able to deliver!

Kodematix Magento Developers

Moreover, even if you have plans to hire a developer for a long term project, it would be better to make them work on a small project first. This will help you know whether they are right for your project or not before you get into an agreement.

Freelancer OR Company – Most of the time freelancers are capable of doing a particular task well. But, there are chances that he or she may not be able to complete all the tasks with full justification. In that scenario, hiring a Magento company can be a better option.

If you are hiring freelancers for some different tasks, you will have a tough time to manage them all. But, if you opt for a company, this work of yours will be seamlessly handled by a project manager who will ensure to complete your project with the help of a bunch of developers. Opting for a company can deliver you quality results but, they come at a price too.

If hiring one or two freelancers can do the job then go for it – it can be the better option but, in other cases, going for a company is recommended.

Quality v/s Price – There is a saying that quality comes at a price. If you want an excellent developer for the task, you will have to pay the price.

Numerous times, many businesses have experienced the glitch of hiring cheap developers, when they fail to deliver their tasks. Then they end up hiring expensive developers to fix the issues and thereby paying them more. Similarly, there can be situations where you may not need an expensive developer for the tasks. So hiring affordable developers can do the trick.

So just evaluate your project and know the level of complexity to get a better idea of the kind of developer you may need for the job.

Therefore keep it this way – if you feel the task is not that difficult go for a less experienced developer or else, don’t waste your time on someone who may not be able to deliver better results.

Another factor that you have to take into consideration is the geographic location. Depending on the locations, the price of the developers may change too. For example, if you are hiring a developer from the USA, the developer may charge you around $75 – $90 for an hour while, you can get the same task done for $15-$17 per hour if you hire a developer from India.

Expect From The Developers

List Out The Expertise You Expect From The Developers

One of the important things to know is what skills and experience the developers must possess.

Some questions you must ask yourself are –

  • On what kind of frameworks he has worked?
  • Does he have the knowledge to work on your framework?
  • Is he well-versed with the newest Magento technology?

Where can you find the Magento developers?

So once you are clear about the kind of the Magento developer you need to hire for the project, then comes the task to find him.

The following places can be your best bet to find the right Magento developers.

  • Your Own Network – The first approach can be to ask your family and friends. If they knew someone, they would be glad to help you out. Going for the developer your people know or had hired for their businesses in the past will give you a sense of trust too. Moreover, only go for the developer if your people had worked with. Simply don’t go for him because your family or friends have heard about him. Having worked earlier with your people means they are good to go and so reduces the chances of project failures.
  • Magento Solution Partners – Do you know that Magento possesses a solution partner community? They can help you with all kind of Magento implementation solutions. They are highly capable of offering Magento support, training, and services which can complete the project your desired way. Just be aware that these community solutions are pricey and so you should be aware of it before making any agreements.

To find the right Solution Partners, you can simply search for them based on the location and their expertise to go with your project needs.

Magento Certification Directory

  • Magento Certification Directory – Another best place to find the skilled Magento developers is to check the Magento certification directory. Here you can search the developers who are certified by Magento and choose one for yourself. The best thing about Magento certification directory is that here you will be getting the service of independent developers rather than a Magento company like the ones at Solutions Partners.
  • Websites For Freelancers – Certain websites like Freelancer, eLance and oDesk have thousands of freelance Magento developers in their database.

So all you have to do is to post a job there and soon you will find like 100s showing interest in the project.

The con of such freelance websites is that you may even come across bad developers. So you will have to spend some quality time to get your hand on skilled developers.

Odesk Freelancer

Moreover, you can even go through the developer profiles and invite the developers whom you believe to be better for the task. To be precise about the developer, you can even go through the client feedbacks and reviews on these websites.

The pro is that the developers available here are quite cheap compared to the ones at Magento certified directory and Solution Partners.

  • Industry events – One of the best places where Magento developers meet each other and network are industry events. This site helps them to know more about the platforms as well as the newest trends.

Every Magento developer who wants to be successful tries to keep themselves updated with the newest trends and technologies in the market. Such platforms offer the chance to exchange ideas with similar kind of people from the industry.

Industry events magento

Apart from getting the chance to meet some amazing developers, such places even allow you to learn some interesting things about the platform on your own.

You can keep a tab on the ‘events page’ on Magento and know when they are organizing one. You can even be in touch with the local communities and check when they have such industry events conducted.

  • Twitter – A good number of Magento developers are present on this social media platforms, and they regularly tweet about Magento. You can make use of the #MagentoJobs and #Magento tags to get to them.

Twitter Magento Developers

The best thing about the platform is that you can tweet there and use the hashtags search for developers for your project. Trust us; you will be surprised by the number of responses you get back.

  • LinkedIn – Another best place to look for Magento developers is LinkedIn. To search for the developers simply use “Magento” skill in the search. You will be able to find some people, go through their profile to know more about them.

Linkedin Magento Developers

Here you will also find groups of Magento developers. You can join such groups and get connected with the people.

  • Facebook Groups – Like at LinkedIn, you will quickly find some Magento developer groups on Facebook. You can join such groups and search for a right developer for your project.

Facebook magento developer group

  • Blogs And Websites – Good Magento developers keep on updating themselves and even keep on blogging about the platform. You can look for industry websites and blogs and check who are writing such blogs.

Soon you will be able to find a bunch of developers or say authors from such websites. Contact them directly to know whether they are available to work on your projects.

Magento Official Blog

  • Developer Websites – Most of the Magento developers will have their own websites. Check out the websites and see what their clients have to say about their work. Go through all the positive and negative feedbacks. This will give you an idea of their kind of work.

You can even check the websites from the perspective of navigation, user-friendliness, and accessibility. This will also give you useful information about their expertise. Asking for the personal portfolio will let you know about their skills and experience in the field.

  • Look For The Big Names – If you are not low on your project budget, then look for the developers who have managed to leave an incredible mark on the market. Such developers mostly write their own blog and keep on attending international conferences from time to time.

It is not that tough job to find developers. A little bit of effort can bear fruits. This guide can help you a long way to find the right kind of developer for your project. Moreover, it would be better to take help of the people who have done it before as you will have a bunch of tried and tested tips in hand.