How To Find A Right Magento Developer For Your Company

Right Magento Developer

Though Magento is the most popular and open source content management system, it is considered to be one of the more complex ecommerce platforms available today. Magento offers a variety of features as compared to OpenCart or Shopify.

Magento is much netter in terms of SEO, user capabilities, product types, customizations, automating the orders and shipments, coupons, gift codes and the list goes on..

With more possibilities, comes complexity. This is the reason, Magento is difficult to set up and operate individually and you need to hire Magento developer to kickstart building the basic structure and development of a Magento ecommerce store. Here are some focal points you should keep in mind when looking for an ideal Magento developer.

5 Things To Consider When Hiring A Magento Developer

Know The Basics : Before contacting the developers and asking for the quotes, take out some time to note down what are your needs and build a detailed plan. For this, you don’t need to be an expert, simply getting informed of the basics would help you in understanding the main pain-points and sweet spots of your online store. Moreover, you should also have a clear understanding of your priorities and the budget. Knowing all these basics will help you stay up to date and involved throughout the development process.

Gather Potential Magento Partners : The best way to find the right Magento developer is asking for recommendations from someone in your industry or maybe a colleague you trust. You can also ask the third party service providers or hosting agencies. Another way is finding Magento developers on LinkedIn – which is the biggest platform for professionals from any industry. Besides, you can also check out various groups like Magento Universe and Magento Developers Group or any of the LinkedIn groups just by searching the term Magento in the LinkedIn search bar.

Look For Certified Magento Developers : There are various online training courses organized by the Magento corporation to certify the developers who wish to identify and validate their development skills. As there are number of developers in the industry, Magento certification exams are specially geared for the professionals who want to prove their Magento credential among many others.

There are many different types of Magento certification exams which differ with the type of expertise in the Magento platform. The types of certifications include Magento Solution Specialist, Magento Certified Developer, Developer Plus, certified Front end developer, moderator kit and a social learning group certification.

Ask For The Work Profiles : Many customers find it difficult to differentiate between a truly remarkable and a medium quality site. Though customer reviews are important, they can be deceiving sometimes. Often, people like the developer on a personal level, write excellent reviews or some people write negative reviews though they have a great website but they are not satisfied with what they have. The best way out is asking the developers to show their portfolio and judge them. While looking out the portfolios, you should focus on the things like user flows, internal links, accessibility of information and ease of use.

Find Yourself A Long Term Relationship : Many people make the mistake just by considering the online stores to be a static structure which works on its own. Yes, its true that if your website is well-built, sales processes become much automated and it doesn’t require much efforts from developer’s end. Still, consider your online store as a living entity which can be attacked by the hackers, become ill with viruses or simply not function well at any time. Additionally, there are regular updates and extensions renewals, new features to be added in the future. Hence, hiring a Magento developer will always require a learning curve. So, make sure your developer is available when you have any problem in the long run.


Finding a good Magento developer is only the beginning of your successful journey, but it is the most important step towards a successful online store. Whether you decide to work with an agency, a freelancer, a student or a Magento expert, make sure that you choose to work with someone who cares for your needs, one you can trust and who will stay with you whenever you need them.