Go Creative With Magento Product Customization Tools And Personalize Your Products!!

Magento Product Customization

When you plan to start up your own eCommerce business, you look for the most compatible eCommerce platform that can serve your needs the right way. Undoubtedly, you choose Magento as your eCommerce platform!! But why? Either you must be having detailed knowledge of what Magento offers you or you must be aware of the salient features of this widely popular eCommerce platform. Let us once again refresh those features-

  • It is a feature-rich eCommerce platform

  • It is built on open-source technology

  • It offers online merchants with utmost flexibility and control over the look, content as well as the functionality of the eCommerce store

  • Its interactive administration interface features powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalogue management tools that help the merchants in creating sites that could satiate their unique business needs

  • It is designed to offer a completely scalable and backend by varien’s support network while offering an ultimate eCommerce solution and many more.

product customization

We already had a lot of discussions from the eCommerce developer as well as eCommerce store owner’s perspective. But what about customers? Those customers who use eCommerce store services also expect something out-of-the-box services from these online stores. Undoubtedly, having a user-friendly and interactive website that is easy to use is a prime concern, but what about its related services?

Nowadays, customers are really advanced and so they look for the products that can be customized according to their own needs. They prefer those products that adds up some creativity while serving the primary needs for the user. As a result, the website designers and developers offers with the best Magento product customization options to the user.

customization options to the user

The online Magento eCommerce store offers a Magento module that allows the customers to customize their personalized products design online. This could include products right from the custom greeting / business card to the custom clothing & apparel, from the custom phone case to the custom wallpapers, custom frame printed, restaurant menu, custom pillows, custom drink ware and many more. Even the ready-to-use products like the t-shirts, mugs, wine bottles, bags, shoes, billboards and others can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

As a result, Magento offers you with the create custom product type module. Generally, it has 6 types of products, namely- simple, grouped, configurable, bundled, downloadable and virtual. We have defined below some of the definitive steps for creating a custom product type. First we need to look for the folder “Custom Product Type” in the source. Next thing to do is to define new product type by modifying the config.xml file as follows:

modifying the config.xml fileEach of the configuration options holds the following value:

  • label: This is product type text that is disabled in admin manage product section.

  • model: This is main product type model.

  • is_qty: This defines the total quantity of the product.

  • composite: Determines if the product is composite or not.

  • can_use_qty_decimals: Determines if the product has stock in decimals or not.

  • price_model: This defines the price model of the product.

  • index_data_retreiver: This retrieves the data from the catalogue.

  • price_indexer: This is resource model that is used for price indexing.

As soon as you are done with the above steps of defining the classes and xml in the config file, the custom product type will start working. Now, if you try to create a product, you will see “Price” tab that may not show up along with many other attributes. As a result, it is necessary to assign few attributes to the new product type. This could be done through “catalogue_product_eav” table. Let us have a look at its code:


codeThe main goal of product customization is to increase the customer engagement along with offering them a wide range of products that too of their own choice. The primary benefits of product customization include-

benefits of product customization

  • Better Customer Satisfaction: The customization of products offers the customers to preview their products. As a result, as product customization module is more specific than a verbal description, it offers better customer satisfaction while meeting great customer’s expectations.

  • Higher Conversion Rate: With the better customer satisfaction, the customers will naturally choose you over the competition. Ultimately, it will result into higher conversion rates of your eCommerce store.

  • Improved Lead Time: As the customers are easily able to articulate the kind of product they want, one can proceed it the right way. This will ultimately result into time saving and effort needed for coordinating the end product with the customers.

Final wrap up:

Thus, this is how you can go creative by implementing different product customization tools with your eCommerce store. So, if you too are looking for any such services, you can contact us- the Kodematix for further consultation. Good luck!

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