How to enhance your eCommerce Businesses with Magento Website Development?

enhance your eCommerce Businesses with Magento

The open-source platform- Magento has gained a lot of popularity in the eCommerce market as it offers a wide range of features to its users. This ultimately helps the eCommerce store owners to provide a complete list of advantages for developing and managing their online business eCommerce store conveniently. Besides this, Magento helps in building strong web presence of the eCommerce store with the help of different inbuilt features, like the Magento SEO extensions.

As a result, it could be said that the Magento Website Development have revolutionized the trend across the globe with the help of various Magento eCommerce web portals. It has given a wide boost to various internet-based businesses and is popular among developers due to its enterprise-class components, high performance as well as sociability  Thus, you can look for several features that are responsible in resulting long-term success strategy along with managing a high lead-sales converting online store. So, in order to help you out, below are listed some of the important Magento website development features that is cornerstone for a successful online store:

Before having a look at the important Magento website development features, it is important to know that Magento supports Google Analytics that has various inbound traffic, hot keywords, visitor locations as well as business goal conversion metrics.

eCommerce Businesses with Magento

Now, let us have a detailed look at best eCommerce features of Magento-

  • Customer Management: The Magento web application development console offers the developers with a comprehensive customer management suite for a number of eCommerce websites. This comprehensive suite includes handling of customer accounts as well as customer service systems. It commonly features the order status history, shopping wishlist, newsletter subscription, order tracking, automated email delivery and customer details that include contact information, billing details and shipping address.

  • Catalog Management: The catalog management system is another great feature that involves everything- right from product browsing to the crucial inventory management systems. Each of the eCommerce web portals generally needs a reliable catalog management suite that offers various convenient functionalists like product reviews & comparison study, easy navigation, diverse filters along with allocating different product attributes. Along with all these features, the Magento based eCommerce web portals show multiple product pictures & user reviews too.

  • Order Management: In order to make successful any of the web portal development projects and making brand trustworthy among customers, the orders must be managed in a secured way. This will make customers feel secure about his money and transaction. There are various predefined modules like the order creation, payment gateways, invoice tracker and multiple shipping methods for the developer’s convenience. Another important feature is the order checkout module which supports customer account checkout, private SSL security and also without account checkout options.

  • SEO and Internet Marketing: One great feature of Magento is that the Magento’s script supports Google SiteMap and Analytics and so by default the search engine optimization is imbibed within its DNA. The eCommerce websites usually have fully integrated international design structure that includes multiple currencies and different language support. Other that these things, for the Internet Marketing and advertising, the Magento web portals satiates customers with freebies, attractive discount and promotional deals and coupon codes.

  • Website Management: The Magento driven eCommerce portals helps in supporting multiple languages along with wide range of geographic locations. Also, the developers could choose from a wide range of Magento themes as well as templates for the website for their brand narrative and marketing strategy.

Thus, before you plan to design any of the eCommerce web portals, you need to have a clear-cut idea of the brand image, promotion strategy, hosting plan, task plan as well as business goals. This is how you can approach towards being an expert in the field of eCommerce Magento website development.


As Magento is a preferred choice for most of the eCommerce web portals due to several inbuilt features, it offers greater convenience for the web developers to enhance their development skills on this platform. One such company is the Kodematix that offers their clients with the best online eCommerce start-ups for any kind of business- large, small as well as medium-sized businesses.

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