How To Find a Reliable and Professional Magento Developer

Experienced Magento Developer

With growing number of businesses using Magento products; no doubt, Magento has gained a wide popularity as an open source, functional and feature-rich content management system but its complex nature goes parallel to its robustness. Compared to its alternatives like Shopify and OpenCart, Magento is much better in terms of customization, customer-centric capabilities, product types, orders and shipments automation, coupons, gift codes, upsell and most importantly the SEO configuration. With these possibilities comes the complexity too. This is why Magento is more suitable for the developers rather than setting up and operating independently.

Using Magento on a regular basis may seem easy and straightforward but jump-starting the initial setup and start developing a Magento ecommerce, of any size would be better done by a Magento expert. So, hire experienced magento developer to let your ecommerce store reach great heights. Finding a good developer to work for you is not always an easy task, and this is where we come in. In this post, we’re going to know what exactly takes to hire a magento developer and overview some of the basic factors to bare in mind while searching an ideal developer for your business needs.

Magento Developer

5 Factors You Should Consider While Hiring A Magento Developer

Gather Your Business Needs And Desires

Before finding and contacting the developers and asking them for quotes, spare some time to create a well-detailed plan where you figure out all your business needs and the functions you desire to include in your website. For this, you don’t need to be an expert, basic Magento understandings are enough to explore the main points, difficulties and the soft corners of your online store. Be clear about your priorities, time tables and especially your budget. Magento professionals really have the potential to take you far more seriously if they come to know you’ve researched well. Remember, the key to success is staying up-to-date throughout the development process.

It’s Not A One-Man Task? Find An Agency

Do You know Why there are so many Magento certifications? The reason – Magento comprises of umpteen ecommerce aspects such as design and implementation, business logic, php programming, drop-shipping, usability, content marketing and much more. If someone claims to be an expert in all these features, you need to be suspicious and carefully ask a lot of questions before hiring. No single person can be perfect in all the aspects; so either they’re bluffing or their work and standards are not that high. The best solution to properly address all the facets of setting up and developing a Magento enterprise is hiring a team or a Magento development agency where different individuals will be having their own specialty. There is a tough competition in such type of agencies and these companies may vary in price, size, availability and the quality, so make sure you get the best quote from different development companies before you make the decision.

Look Out For Certified Magento Developers

There are number of online training courses operated by the Magento corporation to certify the developers who use this platform and wish to authenticate their real-world skills. These certification exams are geared towards the professionals who want to stand out from the competition with magento credentials to reflect their seriousness towards work.

There are several types of certifications that differ on the basis of their expertise with Magento platform like Magento Certified Developer, Certified Frontend Developer, Developer Plus, Social Learning Group Certification and Moderator kit. For example, a Magento Solution Specialist is a professional who can efficiently merge your business needs with Magento functionality and optimize the use of native features out of their extreme knowledge of business specifically in respect to ecommerce.

Ask To Show Previous Projects

Although customer reviews are very important, they can be deceiving too as there are many customers who don’t know the difference between a normal quality site and a truly remarkable one. And, that’s why you may see some excellent reviews written by the people who simply liked the developer on a personal level or some really negative reviews from people who have great website but not satisfied with what they have. So, the best technique to judge the developer’s work is to ask them for the portfolio. You should pay special attention to crucial things like user flows, navigation, internal links, accessibility of information and ease of use.

If Budget Allows, Go For Reputed Agency

If you’ve taken out a big budget for your project, look out for Magento influencers in your niche who are well-informed and reputed in the industry. Probably, these would be the well respected people who attend or may be speaking at international conferences or the people who regularly post about the relevant topics on social media or the blogs. But remember, the more reputed the development company, you get the high quality work done at higher prices than others.

Selecting a right Magento developer is just a beginning of your journey to a successful and leading ecommerce store, but its a critical step that will affect your online business and its potentiality for the coming years. Whether you find a freelancer, a student or a Magento professional or an agency to work with, make sure you find someone whom you can rely upon, who cares for your needs and will be available whenever you need them.

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