How To Hit A Six With These 6 Advanced SEO Strategies ?

SEO Strategies

SEO is getting more and more complex with each passing year and so are its strategies. Simple SEO strategies are now a thing of the past, and if you want to hit the bull’s eye, you need to follow and implement some of the new-age advanced SEO strategies. The current online world has become very competitive and cut-throat. But you don’t need to panic yet, as here are some of the best advanced SEO strategies that will surely help you attain a peak position in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Implement these strategies and take the SEO bull by the horns!!

1) Accelerate Your Site Speed

Does anyone like standing in queues, waiting for their turn to come, be it at the bank or the airport? Frankly No. We get frustrated if something gets longer than expected. The same is the case with websites. If a website takes more time in loading, the visitor will leave the site and perhaps never come back.

It is a fact that page speed is one of the 200 factors that Google uses to determine the rank of a site. In fact, page speed is a major ranking factor in Google’s algorithm for the desktop as well as mobile sites. Hence, the page speed definitely affects the search queries.

So if you want to improve your ranking on search engines, do ensure that both your desktop and mobile sites load faster. This is the most logical way of attracting more organic traffic. Remember, the loading speed of your site can make or break the deal.


2) Build Voluminous Links

Links are another major ranking factors used by the search engines. Links can also be termed as the most important signal to obtain higher search rankings. The Search Engines count all the links that point to a website by assigning more weight to those that are of better quality.

Also keep in mind that the more the number of links you have on different websites, the more chances you have in getting SEO success. So, start building humongous number of links on as many sites as you can to excel in the SEO game.

3) Multi Social Media Presence

Recently, Google itself announced that the smartest way today to measure the popularity of any website is the Social Media presence of that website. This statement by the biggest search engine confirms the criticality of your social media presence. It also underlines the dependence of search engine rankings on social media presence.

So if you want a good amount of search engine attention on you, then you need to be active on multiple social media platforms and interact with others in your marketplace.

4) Easy Access

Easing the access to a site to bring in more traffic is a very commonsensical thing to do. The more easy it is to access any website, the more people will love it. Not only will they stay more on your site, but they will also keep coming back and share your links. So, before you start working on other advanced SEO strategies for your website, do validate the fact that your site offers a heavenly experience for the online visitors who come in, and watch your Search Engine rankings go up.

5) High-Quality Content

Content is very vital when it comes to search engine optimization. The search engines have their own set of content quality guidelines on the basis of which they deconstruct the web pages and subsequently rank them.

If you want your site to be among the top ranking ones, then your site should definitely contain high quality and relevant information. This is because the Content Quality Score of your site determines its search results ranking.

6) Include The Local Neighborhood

The recent changes in the Google algorithm for local search is now very beneficial for local businesses. These changes have enabled them to find more customers online. Moreover, the division of cities into smaller units has become an added advantage for the local businesses.

Hence, if you want to utilize the potential of these changes optimally, then you should start including the neighborhood of your business in the content of your website and its marketing. This way the search engines will accurately place your business in the local search radii, which in turn will bring in more customers of your neighborhood to your site.

The execution of the above stated strategies is not easy, but it is certainly possible. Also you need to invest a considerable amount of your time if you want to achieve high search engine rankings. It’s guaranteed that with practice and a basic understanding of website code, you can definitely make your website rank higher, and thus rake in more profits.

So, take your guard, swing your bat and hit your SEO strategies out of the ground for a massive six!!

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