How To Increase Conversion Rate Of Your Magento Store

This post is an intent to help you boost the conversion rates and ultimately improve your online store’s overall shopping experience.

What is Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is simply the ability to drive people buy things from your online store and turn the visitors into customers. Precisely, conversion rate reflects the percentage of visitors to your site who actually make a purchase.

The conversion rate can be calculated as –
number of purchases / site visits = Conversion rate

In this article, we’ve identified some easy-to-use strategies for increasing conversion rates. The steps outlined here are really worth exploring.

Why are conversion rates important?

Yes of course, Magento store owner needs to get as much leads as possible to maximize the ROI. The best way to do this is by hiring a Magento developer to enhance your online Magento store and make it more SEO-friendly and user-friendly.

Conversion rate is actually the measure of your sales which shows how well your Magento store is performing and meeting your customers’ needs. It is also the measure of the traffic of your site and measuring are you doing SEO and promotions effectively?

Increasing the conversion rate is the main goal of any business owner, but you don’t need to walk alone in the journey of crusading your customer’s love and affection, here are some easy steps to assist your Magento store in achieving really great conversion rates.

1.Help Customers Find What They’re Looking For

Because, one of the biggest reason most customers leave an online store without buying is – they could not find something they were looking for.. The best way to help your customers find the right products is by having proper search.


Search – You can increase your conversion rates by improving your product search capabilities. Your search box should be big enough to be easily visible and should appear throughout the site. Moreover, enabling auto-complete search phrases helps in both minimize typing of customers and presenting the related search options.

2.Merchandise Your Products Well

Once, the visitor finds the product, clicks and opens the product page to learn more, make sure you’re doing all the efforts needed to merchandise and sell that product.

3.Use Compelling CTAs

Using clear and compelling Call-To-Actions ensures that your site conveys a clear action – the customers will not have any doubt as to what will happen on clicking a button or a link. The golden rule of thumb says to use verbs and be as concise as possible like Add to Cart, Proceed to Checkout, Register Now etc.


Make sure the CTAs are easily seen and you have atleast one CTA on every page. Moreover, using different colors and font sizes for your CTAs will help your customers prioritize them visually. For example, the button ‘BUY NOW’ should stand out more than the ‘Add to Favorites’

4.Make Your Site Load Fast

No one likes a slow site, people as well as Google always love faster loading websites. So, never underestimate the importance of speed, Time’s money….


5.Offer Multiple Payment and Shipping Options

Every customer comes with different needs. Make sure you’re integrating multiple payment options and offer great shopping experience to the customers. There are people who want their purchase right away and won’t shop if they’re not getting free shipping.

6.Use Promotions Wisely

Once you’ve enhanced and optimized your Magento store for performance and usability, you’re ready to focus on the price promotions. However, overusing price promotions can permanently change the customer’s perception for your brand.

Which Magento Extensions increase conversion rate?

Product Labels : It is a great Magento extension for making your products get noticeable. It offers colorful badges marking new, best selling or discounted products which helps attract the customers with lesser efforts from your side.

Product Attachments : The more detailed product information you offer to your customers, the more they trust you. Product Attachments Magento extension assists you with this. This makes your customer’s life easier and it also offers the option to download the price-list of all the products you are selling which encourages wholesale purchases.

Customers Also Viewed : It is an incredibly amazing and priceless tool for skyrocketing order total of your customers. The related products are displayed automatically when you install this Magento extension, so you just need to reap the benefits.

Out Of Stock Notification : This extension lets you turn an unsatisfied customer to a returning one. If the user finds that the item he wants is out of stock, he can add to subscription and he’ll be receiving a notification once the item comes back in stock. Moreover, this extension is also beneficial in studying the demand for your products and eventually planning the buying strategy.

Hope, this article has helped you with a clear idea on what is conversion rate, why it’s crucial and how to boost the conversion rate and maximize your earnings with your Magento store.

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