Informative Guide To Be A Magento Certified Developer

WOW! You Are A Magento Certified Developer..always dreamt of listening these words? It feels awesome to listen these amazing words you always thought of right? We are ready to serve that feeling of awesomeness. With the following guide you can easily be a Magento Certified developer.

Explore the way towards ‘awesomeness’:

Initial step

The Initial Step!

Exam questions are found to be twisted and to solve them you should always know the basics well. Basics help you to reach your goal, so it’s vital to clear each and every concept clearly. Don’t just go with the code or logic, you should try to know the concept and be through with it.

You should cover following concepts thoroughly:

  • Magento Installation

Obviously you will start with installation of Magento. While installing Magento ensure that you should know about its directory structure, basic set up, configurations and setting up right local.xml and htaccess files.

  • Magento Admin Panel & Configuration

You have a clear about every element that comes under the Admin > Configuration domain, its functionality and how to deal with stuff like add/update/remove the new or existing things and its alternatives via module’s configuration xml files.

  • Magento Caching and Indexing Mechanism

Wondering what should you focus in caching? You should start focusing on methods to manage caches and which cache type is used for, what will be the results if you clear a particular cache and what elements will be cleaned.

Now talking about indexing, you should know which classes and database models are utilized for every indexes and which action will be used by Magento when you need to re-index specific indexes from admin panel.

  • Magento Route and Request Flow

Knowledge about Magento’s request flow is a must. You should be very well about the order process, for instance, in any request occurs in browser and admin, CMS, standard, default are accessible routers in Magento.

Along with this, you should know how Magento loads and manipulates configuration information and the order of loading. Further, how many alternatives are available to include a custom translation for any particular string in Magento. And the process of creating a custom router for your module in Magento.

  • Magento’s Xml and Configurations Files, Modules Configurations and Systems Files

Files like local.xml, configuration file its core modules xml files and system xml files are quite vital. All you need to do is go through the syntax and know which contents should be at place and what is the importance of that file. Further you should be aware about the sequence in which these important files gets implemented by Magento on each request.

  • Magento Theme Installation & Theme Customization, Layout.xml Files and its Coding Standards and Workflow

Theme installation, customization and other layout aspects will give you a proper knowledge about Magento’s frontend structure and its process. The process includes generating directories and files for new theme and activating the theme from admin part and its configuration and even you will need to use CMS pages, blocks and widgets while adjusting the themes in Magento.

Further along with this you should know about the right structures for adding JS/CSS to any functional web pages and know the correct structure for adding new block to any page. Working of layout file and what it includes etc.

  • Modules SQL Scripts and Magento’s Structure To Handle Them

SQL concepts are quite important so practice hard and learn about it deeply. You should be aware about the mechanism to handle the module’s SQL scripts and database editing. Later SQL scripts versioning and its keep up. The database tables, models, classes that are responsible to manage SQL operations for any specific module.

  • Magento’s Code Pools, Module’s Conflicts

Magento has three code pool – 1) Community 2) Core & 3) Local it would be great if you have good knowledge about these codes and its functionality. It’s obvious that during overwriting of Magento’s features some problems may occur; in such case you should be well aware to get an effective solution. Make sure that you are aware of every possibility to resolve the Module’s issue.

Other than that you can opt many resources available on web to listen “WOW! You Are A Magento Certified Developer”. Practice and lots of hard work will surely get you where you want to be.

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