Turn Your Dream iPhone App Project Into Reality

With the count of iOS device users ticking at a swift, Apple’s App Store has proved to be quite a robust market for software publishers. However, with a million apps to choose from, it is vital to ensure that your targeted users are able to discover and download the app, and this particular task is proving to be very challenging.

With the evolution of apps in various segments, the expectations of the customers are growing at an alarming rate, and as they become choosy they are not at all willing to compromise with the usability and the value of the app.

We create highly polished iOS apps compatible across all Apple mobile devices. Our expert team top it all off with the best designed that match our innovative user interface.

Mobile App Development Life cycle

Mobile App Development

We help you bring your ideas to life in to form of app, trouble-shoot problems and ensure that your app reaches the end users, thus taking your business to new levels.
Our expert app development model is given below:

App Idea And Prototyping

The ideas emerge from the clients’ specification. Our questions to the client like who, what, and why give us an appropriate sketch of the picture, leading us to prototype or create a mockup of the app.

Determining the graphic and the flow of the app

In the next phase, we will design the layout of app to get a picture of how it will look, as the main concern in developing an app is user interaction. An easy and cool user interface will get more user for the app.
Following this step, is to create the application navigation static flow so the client could visualize how the application would look.

Develop & Testing

There are stages that set the pace for the sequential iteration and help us to carefully plan the work further. We test the module once a particular stage is over to ensure that the end application is bug free. We use the latest technology and also support the older versions, so that all the users could find the app useful.
We are using the latest technology that is mentioned below:
Tools: xcode, XCode Instruments
iOs: iOs 7.0& above
Device Support: iPhone, iPad, iTouch, iWatch (beta development)

The upload, support, modification and marketing process

Once the app is successfully developed, and the client is satisfied, it reaches the end user by making it live on the app store. We provide support for it and also modify the app based on user’s requirement or comments.

We develop the following kinds of application:

  • UIKit based application
  • Mapkit / GPS Based Application.
  • Multipeer Connectivity based Application.
  • Chat Application ( also using XMPP )
  • Social Network based Application.
  • Convert Website to iPhone/iPad app
  • Animation based application.
  • Calender based application.
  • Audio / Video Application.
  • Web service based application. ( JSON , XML , SOAP )
  • Local Database application.
  • Presentation based application.
  • Re-skinning of current application.
  • Convert application into iOs 8.
  • Facebook , Twitter , Linked in , instagram integration.
  • APNS(Apple Push Notification System) work
  • Bug solving for exiting application.

After Service Support

At Kodematix, our work is not over once the project is done. In fact, it is a start of a new relationship between you and us. We ensure that you get the best support from our side, even after we have delivered the app.

You maybe feeling safe and secure with the newly built website. However, you may need to get in touch with us regarding a number of technicalities involved, and this is where we are the leaders.

  • We are available to answer questions and attend the technical details 24×7
  • We offer a full range of customized packages
  • Our skilled team of app developers will ensure that there is no loophole left in the project, and deliver it according to your requirements

Don’t get stuck with an inexperienced team, who with their amateurish attitude will ruin your vision and play with your business goals.

Fill out the form below to specify your requirements and we will offer you an estimate on the basis of the complete analysis of your requirements. We at Kodematix, ensure maximum satisfaction for the minimum price.