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Magento Development is the right way for eCommerce development

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In the previous article, we discussed on how to excel in different Magento services through Kodematix- a leading eCommerce solution provider company. So, continuing the subject, presenting below some of the best website development needs that Kodematix offers you.

Switch and Bounce Over Latest Magento Version through Version Upgrade

The Magento version upgrade is required for two main reasons that include- carrying out regular updates in order to embed latest updated features with the latest Magento version as well as adding important security fixes for the safety of the eCommerce Magento store. As a result, as per the Magento website development company– before updating any of the Magento stores, you must go through following steps:

  • First determine what you are dealing with

  • Taking backup of the files and database

  • Uploading backup files to new location

  • Importing database to new database

  • Extracting backup files

  • Disabling cache

  • Deleting Magento cache and session directories

  • Executing “clean” bash script and going to Magento Connect Manager

This is the standard process of Magento version upgrade for any of the Magento store.

Magento Development Company offers you Best Services

Keep your Store Updated with Best Magento Maintenance Services

Magento being the most popular eCommerce platform offers the small, medium as well as large business enterprises a platform to set up their online business store. As soon as you look towards Magento for your eCommerce needs, you must be ensured with the periodical version upgrades. The Magento version upgrade considers most important factors like the Magento store maintenance, Magento shopping cart, Magento eCommerce maintenance, Magento online shop maintenance and many more.

Besides above-mentioned services, we recommend creating a backup of the database for the entire store before going through upgradation process. We offer our clients with the high quality online as well as onsite support that usually occurs during the periodical maintenance of the Magento web store. The most important Magento maintenance services include-

  • Magento Upgrades and Updates

  • CMS Pages

  • Template Changes

  • Product Additions

  • Upgrades to Magento Connect Modules

  • Email Changes

  • Google Analytics / Base / Checkout

  • Module Installations

  • XHTML / CSS Changes

  • Payment Gateways

In addition to all these services, we offer our clients as well as reliable customers with the 24-hour helpline in order to assist you with any kind of help that you require while Magento usage.

Enhance the Performance through 3rd Party Module Integration

There are a number of Magento modules as well as module vendors while each of them having their own methodology as well as coding standards. As a result, integrating these modules with your existing Magento store could help in enhancing the performance of the online store.

The very first rule for dealing with the modules is that it offers developers a wide range of freedom in order to shape it. But before installing it, you need to ensure that these modules must interact with previously installed modules in a positive manner. As a result, before carrying out 3rd party module integration with your existing Magento store, you need to consider following points:

  • If the modules are stored in archives, it is advised not to unpack multiple modules directly to the Magento installation at once

  • It is wise to install each module separately

  • Better to get familiar with module’s documentation

  • Configure the module in the admin panel repeatedly

  • Always perform a quick code as well as database inspection

  • Note down any kind of potential bugs, issues or conflicts, missing features as well as add module name to the note.


Thus, this is how one could enhance the performance of Magento store with the Kodematix services. Right from Magento Theme Development to 3rd Party Module Integration, from Extension Development to Magento Maintenance Services, from Magento Store Setup to Latest Magento Version Upgrade, and many more, the Kodematix is there for your entire eCommerce web development needs. So what are you waiting for? Just browse our services and select the most favourable service for your online store.

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