Knowing More About Magento – The Fastest Growing eCommerce Platform

Magento The Fastest Growing eCommerce Platform

Magento has been confirmed as the fastest growing eCommerce provider by the Internet Retailer 2014 list. The main criteria for Magento’s selection into the list has been reported as the annual growth, thus the potential of Magento being recognized by the IR.

Magento has now joined the elite group of IBM and Oracle, overtaking Demandware as the top 3 Internet retailers in USA and Canada. As compared to the previous year, the number of merchants using Magento has even doubled and that’s quite a pretty good signal to the ever growing community.

Now, more than 26% eCommerce stores in Alexa’s top million sites are powered by Magento. That is more than any other platform based for eCommerce in the world. In addition to that, in its 4th year, Magento is still the most preferred eCommerce platform with a considerable rise of 34% in online retail stores as compared to the last year. You must be wondering that although there are hundreds of eCommerce platforms, why this single platform is getting all the limelight.

Businesswire states that those merchants who look for rapid deployment and lower cost of ownership in the industry will select Magento after a thorough research as it fulfills the given requirements. EBay Enterprise’s Mark Lavelle, head of global product and strategy say that, “Magento’s great out-of-the-box experience provides an ultimate brand control and flexibility, and a scalable, robust feature-set designed for enterprise merchants. We make the decision easy, and it is proven by our performance in the Internet Retailer 500 Guide”. There is no question to the fact that when you are looking out for the best commerce platforms to choose from for your online store, Magento is the #1 player in the market.


Let’s have a look at some of the features that Magento provides to make your tasks easier:

  • Web-design skills not required: Even if you possess no web designing skills, or any other technical skills, there will be no need to create the website from the scratch. Choose from the thousands of themes across the Magento platform and third-party providers, then customize the look, functionality and feel to fit the brand, the missing and the company values.
  • No need of a shopping cart: Being a fully-featured eCommerce software, Magento will take care of everything from the checkout process to the secure payment processing. Customers could easily check out by signing up for the account or also by using the service as the guest. One can select from multiple payment-processing options that are offered by Magento, or also use the preferred payment gateways that include SimplePay, PayPal, Amazon Payments, Google Checkout,, and more.
  • Efficient order management: The administrators could use the admin panel to manage the transactions, fulfill and ship the orders, issue the invoices, extend the credit and do many moe activities. All these activities could be carried out from a single location.
  • Mobile Commerce: With the help of browser detection and responsive design, Magento create an enhanced customer experience by optimizing the online store and all the product pages on mobile devices.
  • Effective product management: You could easily export, import, or manage the inventory. Customize the product pages with the images, or zoom-in capabilities, special pricing and all the other storefront customizations.
  • Marketing: You could maximize the marketing opportunities with the storefront and website. Drive sales with the promotions like private sales, sale invitations, special pricing, free shipping and more discount options. You could also use the customer’s shopping carts and individual pages to up-sell or cross-sell the products, while displaying product reviews and comparisons, recently viewed products, “Send The Product To Friend”, and also could engaged in social sharing.
  • Analytics And Reporting: Measure the online store’s performance with the full analytics and reporting. The options include traffic monitoring with Google Analytics integration, and also the ability to generate detailed sales reports, most-viewed, shopping cart reports, and best purchased reports, search term reports, stock and inventory reports, best customers, usage of coupons, and more.


With Magento, you have endless support and options with numerous resources while designing, launching, and maintaining the reputation of your online store and the website.

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