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Magento Audit

Your Magento site – “Performing better – fast front end and back end speed, no volatile activity from any store, website didn’t crashed even after 10k traffic spikes, no trouble while adding new features, no risk faced while upgrading any code architecture, easy marketing, SEO friendly site….! Earning in millions!”*OPENS EYES* Oops! It was a dream! Silly me! *gives a slight tap to head – Nudge* I Shared my dream to my colleague..he said you need a Health Checkup! *Wondering*”

We even say you need a Health Checkup! You even need an apple! Flabbergasted? (Well just tap your grey cells to work) No more puzzles! Your dream can turn into a reality! All you need is Magento Health Checkup i.e. Magento audit! Happiness on 9th cloud? It should be!

Wealth of Magento

The greatest wealth for your Magento store is Magento audit! Obviously you get your car oil changed every 5000 miles and never miss the car services for regular check-up, do you? If you can think for your car’s check up why not your Magento site for tuning it up! Yeah, surely Magento solution services are great, but it’s recommended to get feedback from a fresh pair of eyes. Ultimately we can quote – “Preventive Maintenance is Key To Success”.

However is it still that you are not clear – Why exactly you need a Magento audit? Let’s know:

Why You Need Magento Health Checkup?

Health Checkup

Magento website means sheer amount of tools, users and extensions – which means you run into some tough issues. Magento audit is the solution as its reaches the root of the problem and can save your time, labor and cost.

You can easily solve the following popped questions in your mind:

  • Why is my store running/loading so slow? What happened to its performance?

  • Why did my settings change when I upgraded?

  • Why doesn’t this extension work?

  • Why do customers keep complaining about interactivity?

Magento health check endows you with an unbiased, easy to grasp, informed picture of your store as whole. In short you can compare your developed site to an ideal Magento site and ultimately you solve all your issues. Magento audit even offers you graphic rich report, wrapped with advices on how to resolve all the issues. We’ll pick up additional aspects to optimize your system, which becomes handy when you upgrade or migrate data.

Our Magento Health check is architected to run a scrupulous Magento audit of your complete store, digging out inconsistencies, bugs, no proper configurations, incompatibilities, and a host of other frustrations. We endow you following audits:

  • Magento Technical Audit

  • Magento SEO Audit

  • Magento Usability Audit

In order to have seamless functionality of your website, the above mentioned audits are quite vital. Let’s explore two main important audits Magento Technical audit and Magento SEO audit:

Magento Technical Audit

Magento Technical audit is essential consideration not only for the store owners who are looking for improvements of their current site but even new partners one who aren’t looking to re-platform. With our ecommerce technical evaluation, we will examine your online store and verify every aspect of technical issues that need to be fixed to see you grow and scale the business without any obstacles.

Our report includes:

  • A Quick Overview – Executive Information Of Findings With Priorities

  • Thoroughly Explained Suggested Solutions

  • Analysis Of Magento Core System Modifications

  • 3rd Party Extensions Review

  • Database Integrity Analysis

  • Code Architecture Review

  • Speed and Performance Analysis – HTTP Requests, Optimizations, Expire Headers

The analysis is based on every specific project. The recommendations are based on actual condition of the site.

watch your website

Magento SEO Audit

Being visible on search engines is quite vital for good human traffic. Hence, investment in SEO is best way to avail valuable information about your developed Magento store as you might be missing sheer volume of traffic, customers and sales.

Our report includes:

  • Executive Summary Of Findings

  • Point-to-Point Explanation Of Suggested Solutions

  • Detailed Analysis of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

  • Reason For Traffic Drop Down & List of Penalties Due To Algorithm Updates

  • Crawl and Index Analysis – Sitemap, Robots.txt, Broken links, Redirects

  • On-site Markup Analysis – URL structure, Microdata, HTML

  • Speed and Performance Analysis – HTTP requests, Optimizations, Expired Headers

With SEO audits you can improve your search engine ranking and thus easily enhance you’re the marketing efforts.

What we can do for you?

Our talented professionals endow you with quality consulting services which indirectly help you in shooting up the latest market performance level. Contacting us takes less than 60 seconds, so contact us anytime and start the conversion for your audit requirement.

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