As robust as the Magento Shopping carts may be, they don’t always integrate perfectly with custom designed websites– let alone Joomla or WordPress platforms. In addition, if your Magento shopping cart needs upgrading or modifications, it does not make sense to give the job to someone who has no creditable reputation, or might simply run off with your valuable customer information.

Instead of taking those chances, you can hire a professional Magento optimizer from Kodematix. We have a young, highly professional team who follow the proven Magento speed optimization steps to optimize and upgrade Magento carts for hundreds of business owners just like you.


Kodematix is a leading Magento web development company having helped a wide roaster of clients in their Magento ecommerce requirements. We offer the best Magento speed optimization service to boost your website’s traffic and business sales. Here are some more advantages:

  • Our team of Magento experts are fully committed to ethical and professional management of your Magento performance optimization.
  • We have an award winning team of security experts that make sure they’ve done the best server configuration for magento and optimization does not leave you vulnerable to attacks.
  • Once we are done optimizing your Magento installation, you will get the inventory, tax, and other reports, plus your customers will have a better shopping experience.


There is nothing worse than realizing you need a Magento speed optimization extension or a custom report or feel concerned about a new security risk. That is why we offer the following services on all our Magento performance optimization packages:

  • Customer and technical support 24/7/365 by phone or email
  • We can carry out any upgrade or modification required to fit your exact need
  • All of our work will seamlessly integrate with every other aspect of your website

Today, you can choose between opting for a sluggish, barely functional Magento shopping cart or contact us to find out more about our Magento performance optimization services.

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