Magento SEO 101: 6 Important Tips To Optimize your Store for Better Search Ranking

Magento SEO

In this E-commerce Age, Online businesses are being faced with both, advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, as more and more people are going online these days, it is possible for them to reach more and more customers every day. Where, on the other hand, there are more and more online businesses opening in an attempt to compete as well.

With over 200,000 online stores using Magento web development, it’s not a novice’s cup of tea to stand out from the crowd. But, there are a number of things you can do to improve your search engine ranking.

Remove Index.php from your URLs.

The first place you can start optimizing your Magento store is by removing index.php from your URLs in website configuration.

Go to System > Configuration > Web in the admin panel in your website. Under the URL option, Change the setting “Add Store Code to URLs” to “no”. Also, in the same section, under Search Engine Optimization, Change the setting “Server URL Rewrite” to “yes”. It will help you to keep unnecessary keywords out of the URLs.

Write Quality Metadata.

You must ensure that you’ve included at least 5 keywords which are relevant to both, your page and your business. Also, write a detailed description for the page and your business.Make a content like trophy winnerAlways remember, the first rule of SEO is “Content is the king”. Think that Your website is the employee of your business who works 24*7. Tell this employee about your business as much as you can!


I know this sounds obvious. But still, this is the most fundamental element of SEO. You must ensure that the robot.txt file allows your website to be crawled. If you haven’t allowed your website to be crawled, then all the work in the world won’t make a difference.

Product Images.

It is generally the most overlooked element in the SEO. Your store will have many product images so you should always try to use meaningful file names for the product images.

SEO Elements

Always try to write a file name that describes the image. Also, don’t forget to use title and ALT tags for the product images. This will give spiders the information about the page.

For example, “Red-Nike-Shoes.jpg” rather than using an arbitrary value like “12345.jpg”.

Avoid Creating Duplicate Content.

Check your website multiple times and make sure that your website don’t have duplicate content anywhere, including all CMS and Product pages. But, when you want to show the same product on the multiple pages or categories, it is essential to configure magento to avoid the penalties.

To do this, Go to the Admin panel of Magento > Catalog > Search Engine Optimization section and set Canonical Link Meta Tags for Products & Categories to “YES”.

Generate and Add a Google XML Sitemap.

By generating a sitemap for your website, it allows search engines to easily index your website. Just make sure that you update your store’s Sitemap as you update your website.

To do this, go to your admin panel, Go to Catalog > Google Sitemap > Add Sitemap and write the filename to Sitemap.xml then click “Save and Generate” option.

Bottom Line:

There are a number of things you can do to optimize your Magento store for better search engine ranking. And SEO is a vast subject to be covered in one article, but I have given you some strong tips to get started.

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