Magento Theme Selection – Don’t Fall For These Pitfalls

Magento : Don’t Fall For These Pitfalls

Everyone would agree that Magento has totally changed the world of ecommerce development and has created numerous opportunities the world over, right? Even, the stats tell more than 200,000 online stores across different fields are powered by this excellent open source Magento software.

However, in a competitive ecommerce market it’s a necessity to adopt the best practices of Magento Web development at the time of launching and managing your store. But most of the developers commit big mistakes in the initial phase of building the website. Magento theme development process is easy yet difficult if you are careless in following few common mistakes that you need to avoid while selecting the theme.

  • Erroneous Theme Selection

Believe or not but first impression is always based on looks. Hence, theme selection is one of the most important factor which decides the success of a business. But what’s the thing to worry here? It’s the selection of wrong theme or extension.

You can easily select a wrong theme if you are swayed by your client’s information – which won’t consider the functionality of a theme. Then who will understand the functionality along with the look? Well, only a developer can understand about the features and functionalities of a successful shopping website. Don’t go overboard in selecting themes and extensions that won’t suit the purpose of the website.

Magento Pitfalls

So, now consider points to consider while selecting the theme:

  • Smoothing Looks – It Should Define Elegance
  • Consider Site Width, Layout and Spacing – Make Space For Various Ads
  • Easy Customization – Ensure You Can Add New Features
  • Perfectly Colored – Right Colors Attract Customers

Any mismatch of theme will definitely affect the sales number. Choose it wisely.

  • Don’t Avoid The – “The Installation Guide”

Most of us have the habit of ignoring the guidelines accompanied with every device or theme. Developers do the same, they don’t check the step by step information mentioned in the installation guide while installing software for Magento web development. So, this may lead to error while using the software if any important setting was missed while installation. Another mistake to be avoided is to clean the sessions and cache before installing theme or extensions.

  • Version Incompatibility

Not checking the version compatibility is a silly mistake done by most of developers who don’t pay attention. Before implementing a theme in your website, verify its compatibility with the software version you are about to use – for making the performance of your Magento store flawless.

In case, if you are not able to identify the compatibility, you can use tool to test the compatibility of your theme –

magento theme selection

  • Oops! Forgot To Analyze The Theme!

Color combination – okay! Extensions – Okay! Version Compatibility – Okay! But..wait wait! Oh no! You missed something! You forgot to analyze it completely!

Well, there’s nothing more annoying than landing on a website that’s complicated and cluttered. Visitors become frustrated, when there is no means of returning. Hence, a user friendly website is quite important. You need to check:

  • Easy Navigation – Say NO To Too Many Columns
  • SEO Friendly – Ensure The Site Is Perfect To Be Indexed
  • Site Speed – Less The Load Time More The Convenience

Unless you analyze and understand the theme functionality for your store, you will not be able to get the best out of it.

Your Magento store requires the unsurpassed and suitable theme to perform flawlessly and achieve the set ROI. Ask the professionals to get the incredible web solution having a blend of attractive looks along with flawless performance.

At last, the best thing you can do is read the experiences of other Magento developers who have already developed a Magento site or you can talk to them. This deed will give you a clear idea about the ins and outs of installing Magento themes or extensions and even help you to avoid mistakes.

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