There is no computer program or online platform which doesn’t require occasional revisions. Even Magento must undergo periodic upgrades to accommodate changing technologies, deal with security issues, and better meet the needs of customers.

Unfortunately, if you try to handle Magento upgrades on your own, it can easily destroy years of work and also damage your site. On the contrary, hiring Magento version upgrade services from Kodematix, will make sure you gain access to professional Magento upgrade experts who can help you secure your data and website during and after the upgrade.


The Magento professionals at Kodematix have helped hundreds of clients with an updated Magento version and know how to upgrade magento extension on various ecommerce stores without losing your important data.

  • Our team members have years of experience with all the versions of Magento as well as how they upgrade from version to version.
  • We have worked on hundreds of different servers and understand fully how upgrading will affect your site.
  • We guarantee your site and the Magento updation will work as well as it did before, plus deliver all the benefits you wanted from the upgrade.


Unlike other companies, we know that the version upgrade process doesn’t end with a simple installation and you need to check and confirm everything is working just fine.

This is what we offer after our Version upgrade services:

  • Full tech support around the clock by phone or email
  • We always have Magento experts on hand who are experts to upgrade magento to latest version and answer your questions
  • Our prices and packages on Magento upgrades offer better service than our competitors

If you are planning for magento update version or upgrade magento database, do not hesitate to fill out the form on the top right side of this page and we’ll send you an INSTANT QUOTE.

Once we know a few simple things about your business requirements, we can provide you the required assistance. Why to get stuck with a poorly functioning Magento upgrade when we can get it right the first time, for a fraction of the cost and effort? Contact Us or drop us an email at for more information on your Magento version upgrade needs.