Magento’s Multi Store Functionality: Characteristics With Awesomeness

‘SIMPLICITY is what loved by everyone and so does the importance of an elegant website, user friendly rises. Fortunately, Magento makes this thing possible. Magento bolsters different sites with one single installation. One of the Magento’s propelled features include Magento multi store functionality. It is one of the most outstanding features of Magento eCommerce platform. This feature permits us to manage and effectively handle multiple websites and online stores using a single admin panel.

Thus, it eliminates the complications and the dilemma that website owners face when they need to run their multiple stores together and that too with the ease. The administrator can deal with the products of child websites through one single admin panel. In short, this astounding feature accompanies with brilliant service ability. Thus, wiping out all the difficulties and problem that site owners face when they have to run their different stores together and that too effortlessly.

Hence, without a doubt today Magento is one of the most effective ecommerce development platform ever built.

Say ‘HI’ To Magento’s Marvelous Feature – ‘Multi Store Functionality’!

Kodematix – Hi!
Magento’s Multi Store Functionality – Hello!
Kodematix – I am finally Meeting You! I heard a lot about you!
MMFS – Aha! That’s great!
Kodematix – Well, Can you explain to my reader’s regarding – Who you are? How you can be installed?
MMFS – Yes! Sure! I would Love that!

Magento Multi Store Development

Hello friends, I am Magento’s one of the most useful feature. I will be helping you to easily manage different stores through one single domain. With me, you can have a solitary main parent website having various sub child websites and each site connected to the main parent website. You can effortlessly deal with all your stores and products from a single administrator interface. Other than that, meet my colleagues – check-in, checkout, optional pricing; add to cart option and more.

Just envision, you need to sell fashion accessories and a few electronics. Both these categories fall under distinctive categories. You have many different categories to oversee and it sounds quite hard to deal with a single website. Hence, it is vital to isolate both categories with two child websites and one primary parent site. So, it’s like two different businesses – but really controlled by a solitary backend.

MMFS – How Can I Be Your Friend? (Setting Up And Managing Multi Store On Magento)

I am pretty sure; you are convinced with my helpfulness. So, how you can install me? Well, not to despair! It is quite easy!
The simple procedure easily enables to track your sales and customers online behavior without having to log-in different areas of each site. Installing single Magento is enough to run different stores with different domain names and different IP’s. Well, you can even optionally setup single checkout for each store.

The main aspect of selecting the URL structure for your store is your own personal choice. Well, you can select same domain name with different directories, i.e. www.kodematix/ and www.kodematix/

You can host several stores with different domains, but having the same Magento back end i.e. and

In the same way you can set up more than one Magento stores in sub domains, that mean and

magento multi-store features
My Extra Ordinary Features:

    • Site Administration
    • Shipping – Shipping Methods According To Specific Country
    • Payment – Different Payment Methods
    • Order Management
    • Analytics and Reporting
    • Marketing Promotions and Tools
    • Essential Search Engine Optimization
    • Easy Catalog Management
    • Flexible Product Browsing
    • Customer Accounts
    • Customer Service
    • Checkout

How Kodematix Can Help You With It’s Expertise?

Kodematix has architectures several eCommerce websites with the help of Magento. Our professional team consists of experts in creating multiple Websites in Magento. They easily manage this difficult task and provide a 100 % satisfaction to our clients who are looking to run their multiple online stores for their business.

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