Making your WordPress Database HEART Healthy

Wordpress Database

It has been said that everyone should visit a doctor at the particular period of time. The main aim behind health check-up is to find, prevent or lessen the effect of the disease. Regular checkups are most vital part in everybody’s life. Thus, it’s applicable to your WordPress database, too.

It is essential that you perform regular maintenance on your website database. Because some websites require maintenance for every month or some twice a year. However, maintenance is vital for each WordPress website.

If you don’t want such maintenance process, follow simple tips to make your website the best one.

To make your WordPress database HEART healthy, consider these tips:

H – Have a backup

E – Eliminate the clutter

A – Analyse the configuration

R – Reclaim empty space

T – Transfer to production

Have A Backup

This is the first rule for data maintenance. Set up a timeline for regular backup. Data maintenance is very simple and before you start any new work in the website, always back up.

I also recommended you to have an extra copy as a backup of your website. If your hosting provider does not provide staging environments, you can always have a copy of your website into a separate installation of WordPress on your server or into localized Mac or Windows virtual machine host.

Eliminate The Clutter

The way you reduce your blood sugar or cholesterol to have a healthy lifestyle, it’s compulsory to eliminate data from your website that is unnecessary.

Because the most common content slows down the performance of a website. If your website has leftover information, it becomes more unnecessary data.

If you want to clean up professionally, you can take help of WP sweep and advanced database cleaner. These plugins also clean other items such as outdated revisions, trash posts and comments and other expired transients.

Analyse The Configuration

When you are experiencing a chest pain, you have to go through from ECG and other cardiac examination to know how and why your heart is causing you pain. So, the same way, to check the efficiency of the database, you have to perform checking process.

Reclaim Empty Space

When you are suffering from the blood clots that can slow down your blood flow, you need to take care of your heart so much. For smooth blood flow, you need to diminish space with the healthy blood. The same way, on the website, the empty space in your database may be lead to dead space.

Thus, to recover this dead space, you need to reclaim the disk space manually when you delete content from the database. Because most people forget to reclaim the disk space, they predict that reclaim process is done automatically in the database.

Transfer To Production

When your heart is not working properly, you might have operated a heart transplant process. Under this process, your old or sick heart will be replaced with the new one.

So, if your website is not working properly or damaged. Then it is advisable to change your hosting provider. In such cases, when you don’t want to change your hosting platform, you can also re-installed or one step deployment method to copy your newly repair website.

On the other hand, you can take complete back up of new orders and merge with your repaired site.


As your doctor checks your heart when you visit dispensary for routine check-ups, it is vital that you perform a regular maintenance check up on your website database.

It is said that core code of the WordPress website should be the plugins and themes. Because the rest of the system follows your command. To make a healthy WordPress database, it’s advisable to follow H.E.A.R.T tips regularly.