Kodematix offers full services on Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We use our expert knowledge of internet marketing services to help our clients websites to unprecedented levels of success. We are offering results-driven services and exceptional customer support. Our web marketing services include.

As a business owner, you probably already know that setting up a web site does not automatically mean it will draw traffic. Unfortunately, we’ve seen hundreds of business owners rely on shady SEO companies that cost them thousands of dollars for useless packages, or worse yet, black hat SEO methods that put them out of business.

Although it may seem very simple, social networking sites realize they can only make money when people spend as much time as possible on the network. Therefore, as people become more enticed to spend time in these locations, they will spend less time looking for your site via search engines.

Chances are you have certain keywords that would draw thousands of customers if your site could be found in the top ten search engine results. If you want to get this kind of attention as quickly as possible, you will need to use pay per click advertising. Here at KodeMatix, we have launched many successful campaigns for our clients.

There is nothing worse than spending a fortune in a website, SEO, email campaigns, and other online marketing tools only to have potential customers leave the site without buying. Here at Tom Inc we realize that redundant text, poor image quality and other weaknesses can reduce conversion rate and destroy your business.

In the modern world, consumers cannot afford to buy something and then wish they had bought something similar from another company. From that perspective, when you do not actively take the time to show consumers the advantages of your product compared to similar ones marketed by others, you will lose out on one of your best changes to make a strong sales pitch.

Even though you may have very valuable products that are in demand, people won’t buy from you unless your product listing ads look professional and attractive. Our talented marketing and sales team know how to create ads and product listings that will set your site well ahead of the competition.

As you may be aware, business owners spend thousands of dollars just to buy a few seconds of air time for commercials on popular TV shows. Aside from reaching a target audience, there is no question that people today would rather watch a video instead of reading a product description.