There is nothing worse than spending a fortune in a website, SEO, email campaigns, and other online marketing tools only to have potential customers leave the site without buying. Here at Kodematix we realize that redundant text, poor image quality and other weaknesses can reduce conversion rate and destroy your business.

Fortunately, our experienced team members know how to fix these problems, as we have done so for hundreds of other clients.

Benefits of our Services

  • We have some of the best photographers and writers on hand to develop text and media that will have customers begging to buy from you
  • Our site developers know how to create sites that are easy to navigate and encourage sales
  • We offer custom shopping cart modifications that make it simple and safe to complete transactions

After Service Support

Our ‘viewer to sales’ conversion experts are always proud to include the following at no additional cost to clients:

  • We will answer calls and be available for chat 24/7
  • We can always provide traffic and conversion reports to show you how much improvement we have made to your sales
  • Our experts are always ready to deliver updates based on new techniques emerging in the arena of converting viewers into buyers

Once you commit to selling online, you must also have expert assistance in successfully navigating the unique aspects that cause viewers to become buyers. At Tom Inc, our cutting edge team knows exactly how to showcase your products and deliver irresistible sales pitches that reach your target audience.

If you are ready to convert viewers into buyers, simply fill out the form below to get a free estimate on our services. Why should your site be the only one left with no capacity to convert viewers to buyers when we are on-hand and know just how to boost sales?