As you may be aware, business owners spend thousands of dollars just to buy a few seconds of air time for commercials on popular TV shows. Aside from reaching a target audience, there is no question that people today would rather watch a video instead of reading a product description.

Therefore, if you are not using rich media ads to sell your products, you may be hurting your business more than you realized. Here at KodeMatix, we have an expert rich media ads team that can create the perfect content for your products and services.

Benefits of our Services

  • We use only the best state of the art equipment for producing media rich ads
  • Our sales and media development teams come up with award winning jingles, slogans, dialogues, and other content that easily goes viral
  • Our web sales experts know where and how to launch rich media ads to get the most effect

After Service Support

At KodeMatix, or dedicated rich media developers are always proud to include the following with each job they do:

  • We are on hand 24/7 by phone or email to answer your questions and make changes to the content
  • Our company always offers a full, money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our work
  • We can easily take on additional jobs to provide rich media ads for other products and services of interest to you

Today, people that are waiting on line at the supermarket or using mobile phones to access the internet are increasingly getting interested in video based content. Without rich media ads, you are losing out on a prime chance to drive traffic and convert viewers into buyers.

If you want professional and affordable media for your site, do not hesitate to fill out the form below for a free estimate on our rich media ad services.