New Era, New Experience – Everything about Magento 2.0!

The next generation platform, Magento 2.0 is built on modern architecture to adapt and scale to meet constantly increasing challenges of the complex ecommerce market. Design, Speed, Extensibility and Scalability are some of it’s highlighted features.

The developer community has now got well-versed with this robust platform. The main goal of the recent enhancement is that the process of Magento 2 development is explicit for all members of the community. We’ve collected some of the basis tasks carried out by Magento 2.

Basic Tasks by Magento 2:

  • Easy Installations and Upgrades
  • Update the technology stack
  • Improve performance and Scalability
  • Streamline the customization process
  • Deliver better quality, documentations and testing resources

Besides these, there are many more features that Magento 2 provides and that’s the reason for it’s mind blowing popularity. It has proved to be an innovative product which is easily able satisfy developer’s requirements.

Google Trends for Magento 2:

Since 2009, Magento 2 is constantly gaining popularity in Google Trends. It is the most famous ecommerce platform worldwide, most of the interests come from developers and merchants planning to migrate from Magento to Magento 2.


Magento 2.0 – next generation ecommerce innovation. This is an ecommerce platform designed with the goal to empower developers with full control on implementation, accelerate innovation and confidently add and develop extensions. Following are some of the principles of Magento 2 architecture which are covered in the white paper:

  • It is a Modern technology stack based on popular PHP frameworks and coding patterns.
  • It offers Modular Codebase for endless flexibility and high-end customization features to enable merchants to easily add or replace the functionalities.
  • It allows to seamlessly integrate and operate third party extensions with its Extensive and Efficient APIs.
  • It’s Layered Architecture provides the developers a high level solution to understand the optimal placement of features and code in a complex system.
  • Easy Upgrades – to quickly add new functionalities.
  • Speed up the QA process with Built-in Testing.

Overall, Magento 2.0 is an extended version to empower the developer community for developing ecommerce stores with it’s powerful speed and performance.

Magento 2 Extensions:


There are many sites online where you can download Free Magento Extensions and ebooks. They can also be purchased. These extensions are compatible with other extension providers and can largely help you transform in the areas like: inventory management, promotion campaigns, conversion rates, navigation, sales motivation and much more.

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