OMG! Benefits Of Magento ERP Integration Will Surprise YOU!

Benefits Of Magento ERP Integration

A routine life of every individual – “I need to watch ‘Star Wars Force Awakens’ movie tomorrow! *Picks up the phone and books the tickets* Oops! I got late! I’ll miss my train! Cab could help me to reach faster! *Again picks up his phone and hires a cab* (Meanwhile in the cab the individual saw his nephews birthday on Facebook) Oww..I forgot! What could be the ideal gift for my nephew! *On his phone he downloads Amazon’s application and orders some classy t-shirts for his nephew*”

The world is getting digital..isn’t it? Individuals don’t have time and they want their things fast and easy. No wonder eCommerce is growing terribly. Recently, Forester Inc. announced that e-commerce sales set to grow 62% in 2016. Now it’s sixth year in a row that sales are ready to cross the gateways.

So while being an owner of an ecommerce site are you ready to deal with this kind of demand?

Probably a NO, if your Magento site is not synchronized with an ERP system! We know usually you overlook ERP Integration due to cost or the business disruption impacts due to exchange of existing systems. However the costs are worth the results.

Now you would be wondering how an ERP system can change whole scenario. (Will come back to this question soon)

You’re tedious working scenario right now –

tedious working

  • Entering Product Information In Excel

  • Manually Updating Sales Orders

  • Price, Products & Stocks Updates Are Done Manually

While doing these processes, you may sometimes enter wrong shipping address or wrong product data or either incorrect inventory levels can surely lead to overselling. Ultimately what you have a customer leaving your site forever.

Surely you want to get rid of all this tedious practices as soon as possible. Well the integration automatically passes this data updates between your systems. So now say good bye to manual updates of any kind of data. If you want to maintain the process even after increased demand and be successful, consider the ERP integration with Magento.

Still you would be wondering ‘how an ERP system can change whole scenario?’ So coming back to this question and let’s know which work makes ‘ERP Integration’ a HERO.

ERP Integration does magic! With ERP Integration, the orders placed on Magento’s site are automatically imported into the ERP system and at same time the product updates made in ERP are transferred in real-time to your web store. The integration even provides flawless synchronization, which permits to manage thousands of orders and stock updates every day. Isn’t that amazing?

Why ERP – Magento Integration Is The Star Of Success? – Benefits

Magento Integration Success

  • Flexibility – Less Manual Process

Minimize manual entry of orders, inventory, products, customer & shipping data and increase productivity.

  • Data Synchronization

Let’s us know what kind of data is synchronized between ERP and Magento:

data synchronized between ERP and Magento

  • Products

When a new product is added to the ERP system, it is automatically transferred to Magento.

  • Images

The ERP Integration extension constantly checks and updates all new images from a dedicated folder where the ERP system is running over to Magento.

  • Stock/Price Updates

Any changes made in price or stock in ERP is automatically transferred to Magento keeping all information up-to-date.

  • Online Orders

New orders are imported from Magento to the ERP system and then order statuses are updated back from ERP to Magento. The integration includes fetching orders, invoices and credit memos from Magento.

  • Security

In case if Magento installation is currently running on https/SSL, the data between Magento and ERP system will go over this encrypted connection, so that the data transition is absolutely anonymous and secure.

  • Independence

Any break down on either side will not affect the other side.

  • No Duplication of Entries

With help of ERP, you can eliminate the re-entering or re-keying process and this leads to accuracy factor and it save time even.

Realized? How amazing it can be when you implement ERP-Magento integration. Hope you are inviting your success soon. All the best.

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