Product Attachment Extension – Magento

Sometimes putting product picture with brief description about is not enough and some products requires instructions, compliance certificates, methods to use or just additional information about the product to elicit more response.

For the same reason to enhance support to the specific product, we have developed an extension which can help you provide your customer with required information. You can upload files in bmp, doc, docx, gif, jpeg, jpg, odf, odt, pdf, png, rar, txt, xls, xlsx, zip and many more formats to back your product with necessary and required information. Not only that, downloadable file attracts more customer attention and handy that can be passes on to another interested person.

You can also temp visitors to register with your website in order to download the files, it may help you have details of visitor and also to track your customer activities.

Experience our endeavor and you evaluate us, get a demo:

Demo URL Admin :
User : demo Password : demo123

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