Productivity Guide: Learn How To Export Magento Products

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eCommerce sites are surely wrapped with lots of data. Same goes with Magento eCommerce sites. Working with Magento means working with too much of data, and in case if you have already done Magento for a while, it will probably seem like an understatement.

The online store contains thousands of product data, thousands of SKUs, thousands of associated addresses and much more. You have to deal with ‘thousands’ of data every now and then and you obviously ponder “what could be the best possible way to do it?” May be you end up somewhere in between, and then the only thing you may look for an extension to deal with your problems. But are you aware about Magento’s inbuilt modules? Magento comes with two different basic modules that can help you to import and export store data. One is Data Flow profiles and other is import/export. You can get them in the top navigation of the admin area under System > Import/Export. They are one of the most important and useful elements of Magento’s admin panel.

With these modules we can easily import/export customer data and products data through CSV instead of entering it manually. Although, you may find errors coming up all the time, causing the entire process to halt as the process of exporting/importing remains unclear with quite few helpful resources telling clearly about ‘how the process should be carried out’.

Explore Dataflow Profile

Let’s know how the process should be carried out:

Initially let’s reach the import/export module through following dataflow:

  • Log in to the Admin Panel as an administrator.

  • Click System > Import/Export > Dataflow –

    Profiles. The Profiles page displays available profiles. By default, Magento ships with several default profiles. The one we’ll use for this tutorial is named Import All Pro

  • Click Import All Products.

Export Magento Products

Cool, now you have reached the Import All Products page, here now just click next down given on the left hand side navigation titled upload file, you will three button of upload files. Now this is where you can upload your CSV file for import. While uploading CSV file, make sure that you strictly follow the product attributes for given column.

If the CSV file is ready and all perfect to be uploaded, go to page Upload file of the import all products dataflow profile. Steps are:

  • Click Choose File and pick your CSV.

  • In the upper left hand corner of the page, click Save and continue edit.

  • Click on the Run Profile tab in the left navigation.

  • Choose your CSV in the select drop down. The name will look slightly different after being timestamped.

  • Later go to run profile in popup.

Explore Import/Export

The import/export module is the replacement of the old dataflow feature, which was used earlier for importing and exporting data. This module carries the import and export of product and customer data via text files. The modules are available from the backend system and it’s within the custom modules. Here, the main advantage of this module in comparison to previous module is speed, which means the speed is increased greatly.

You can see this module in Magento admin panel: System-> Import/Export -> Import. Make sure the product data is imported through ImportExport module in a specific format only.

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