PSD To Magento Conversion – The Right Thing For Your eCommerce Site

Psd to Magento

Online shopping is the hottest trend at present. People all around the world have been gripped by the ‘Online Shopping Fever’. Almost all businesses are rushing to launch an Ecommerce store to sell their products to the current generation who spend more than half of their day on the internet. With Ecommerce, comes the need of incorporating shopping carts into the online store. This is because only then can more visitors be attracted to the store which then significantly opens up the possibility of them being converted into potential customers. But the competition in the field of Ecommerce is very stiff today and to avoid or negate this competition, your online store should definitely have the best features.

And you cannot avail the best features if your store is built on the PhotoShop Document (PSD) platform. You can make your store more popular and powerful only if you build your online store on the Magento platform that has now become synonymous with Ecommerce Store.

So if you have an online store that is currently based on PSD, and are not happy with the result, here is why you should immediately opt for a PSD to Magento conversion, because it is surely the right thing for your Ecommerce site!! Read On…

Easy Navigation

The first and the foremost advantage of converting your online store from Photoshop Document to Magento is that the navigation through your store becomes very easy and faster. This will provide your online store visitors an enhanced experience in navigating through your store seamlessly.

Better Ranking And More Traffic

When you convert your online store from PSD to Magento, you are thereby also optimizing your store in accordance with the latest search engine algorithms. This will lead your online store to get more crawled by the search engine spiders. This further results in your store attracting more traffic and subsequently higher search engine rankings.


Amplified Storage

Storage is something that is needed by all online stores in large amount. Every online store requires a sufficient amount of storage space for storing inventory details, merchant account data and also the cart options that are added continuously on the store. This large amount of storage space can be handled excellently without any glitch only by the Magento platform and not by PSD.

Eye-Catching Store Design

The platform of Magento allows you to modify the look, feel, theme and color of your online store as much as you want. This is not possible on the PSD platform. The magento platform offers many attractive and eye-catching design templates that are sure to bring in visitors to your store. Magento also allows you to create your own customized template designs and then helps you integrate those designs into your store.

Multiple Browser Compatibility

Magento is highly compatible with all the browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and also Safari. So if you convert your store from PSD to Magento, your store can be accessed by all the people around the world, no matter which internet browser they are using. This again will have a positive impact on the search engine rankings of your store, thereby bringing in more visitors to your store and subsequently more sales.

Multiple Payment Gateway Support

Nowadays, it is imperative for online stores to provide and support payment gateway options. The payment gateways are mediums through which the customer pays for the products that he/she purchased on an online store. And thus payment gateways can be aptly described as one of the major lifelines of an online store. The magento platform fulfils this need and more by supporting multiple gateways like Google checkout, epay, protx and many more.

Multiple Currency Support

An online store is something where people of different countries come to buy their desired products. And as it is known, different countries in the world have different currencies. So it becomes crucial that your online store is built on a platform that supports not just one currency but different multiple currencies. Only then you will be able to sell your products across the globe. And Magento empowers you to do exactly this with its multi-currency support Ecommerce platform.

Multi-Language Support

Just like currency, languages also differ as we move from one country to another. And this demands that the platform on which the online store has to be built should support multiple languages as well. Magento is definitely that platform as this quality allows you to sell your products in any part of the world, and thus catapults your store and brand into global fame.

Pixel Perfect Designs

The Magento codes are known for their efficiency in creating pixel perfect designs. For this very same reason, the Magento platform is loved by the developers the world over. So if you convert your online store from PSD to Magento, you will be able to integrate highly pixilated and customized designs into your store and thus make your store look more dynamic.

Easy Multimedia Upload

No online store is complete without the use of multimedia in it. Hence the store platform should offer and support the uploading of images, videos, applications and other multimedia as and when required. The Magento platform makes such uploads very quick and easy, which the Photoshop Document (PSD) fails to do.

Hence, it is now very clear why the PSD to Magento conversion of your online store is the need of the hour. Hire experienced and knowledgeable Magento Developers from us who will achieve an error-free and precise conversion of your Ecomm site from PSD to Magento; and thereby enjoy high online traffic and higher sales in your business!!

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