Revealing Significant Magento Manager Features One Simply Can’t Ignore!!

Main Magento Manager Features

Magento- one of the leading eCommerce platforms in today’s internet era is currently ruling the eCommerce industry with a bang. Have you ever wondered why and how?? There are a number of other eCommerce platforms available among which Magento is highly preferred and this is just because of the rich features of Magento.

You must be wondering what is so special with Magento features that make it a highly buzzing platform!! On the other hand, others may be thinking do they really successfully satiate each and every need of any of the eCommerce store. The straightforward answer to these questions is “A BIG YES!!” To know each and every detailing of exceptional Magento Progrmming Features, you need to read further. So here we go!

magento managerMagento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform solution that readily offers its customers or rightly saying the eCommerce merchants a wide range of flexibility as well as control over the functionality of the online channel. Some of the most powerful features of Magento includes catalogue management, search engine optimization as well as many more that provides the users with an excellent shopping experience to their customers.

The Magento’s most intuitive, as well as spontaneous administration interface, allows to design the site according to the unique business needs. This makes the Magento an ultimate eCommerce solution provider that is completely scalable and is usually backed by an extensive support network. So, now let us have a quick glance over those extensive features which we are talking about so long:

magento untold features

There is a wide range of features that we have primarily divided into 5 main sections. Undoubtedly, there are many more features that you would come to know as you will start working on this platform. Now, continuing with the main features, let us finally have a look over those features:

Catalogue Management:

The catalogue management feature includes-

  • The catalogue management is simple, configurable according to the colour, size and many other things, bundled as well as grouped products.

  • Creating different price points for different types of customer groups, including- retailers and wholesalers.

  • Listing the virtual products as well as downloadable or digital products with samples.

  • Having unlimited product attributes as well as attribute sets for quick product creation of different item types.

  • Handling inventory management with the back-ordered items along with managing maximum and minimum quantities.

  • Managing customer’s personalized products while having the ability to upload images as well as texts. Also, it allows customer sorting based on different attributes.

  • Advanced pricing rules as well as support for the special prices.

Customer Management

The customer management includes the management of customer accounts as well as customer service. As a result, it serves following areas:

  • Account dashboard.

  • Order status and history, recently ordered items and re-orders from the account.

  • Address book with unlimited addresses as well as wish-list with the ability to add comments.

  • Default billing as well as shipping addresses, newsletter subscription management, product tags and many more.

  • Creating and editing orders from the admin panel.

  • Contact us form and having feature-rich customer accounts.

  • Order history with status updates, order tracking from the account, password reset email from admin panel and front-end.

  • Order and account update emails as well as customizable transactional emails and many more.

customer management

Order Management

The order management feature includes-

  • Viewing, creating, editing as well as fulfill the orders from the admin panel.

  • Creating one or multiple invoices, credit memos and shipments as per single order for allowing split fulfillment.

  • Print invoices, shipping labels and packing slips.

  • Phone order creation termed as call center phone creation that offers transparent control for the administrators and the front-end enhancements for the customers during the shopping process.

  • Assisted shopping as well as handling customized order status.

  • Creating re-orders for customers right from the administration panel and email notification of orders.

Site Management

The site management feature includes-

  • Controlling multiple stores as well as websites from a single Administration Panel while sharing as much information as needed.

  • It offers administration permission system roles and the users. Along with that, it has fully customizable designs using templates

  • It supports multiple languages as well as currencies along with the web API services in order to facilitate easy integration between Magento and third-party applications.

  • It offers content management system for different informational as well as landing pages.

  • It offers CAPTCHA functionality in order to prevent the automated software from the fake login attempts.

Search Engine Optimization

The Search Engine Optimization feature includes the following features for enhancing the web presence of the eCommerce website:

  • It is 100% search engine friendly and has search engine friendly URL’s.

  • It offers access to Google Site Maps and the URL rewrites offers full control of URL’s.

  • It offers a better option for meta-information for categories, products and content pages.

  • The best thing is it offers Google Content API for shopping.

Final Wrap-Up:

With the above-listed features, you can now have a clear picture of what Magento actually is and what can offer to online merchants being an eCommerce platform. We, the Kodematix are also one of the leading eCommerce service providers and yes, we do have an expert team of Magento professionals. So, if you have any query or need any consultation regarding setting up your online eCommerce store you can surely approach to us!

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